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The Kid Scoop: Toronto Kids Activities directory > Sportplay: Multi-sport Programs for Kids

Age Range: 0 months - 12 years
Sportplay: Sports Activities, Camps and Birthdays for Kids in Toronto

Main Location - Mail: Sportplay Inc. 283 Danforth Avenue Box #430

Toronto, Danforth Village

East End, M4K 1N2



Sportplay: Sports Activities, Camps and Birthdays for Kids in Toronto

Sportplay provides multi-sport programs for kids aged 1.5 – 12 years and benefits all children. We offer Weekly Multi-sport Classes throughout the school year, spring and summer outdoor KICK Soccer programs, Summer Camps, March Break Camp and December Holiday camps and fun affordable Birthday Parties. Kids learn the basics of 8 different sports in our Multi-sport Classes. Our KICK Soccer program gets the kids outside playing in the grass and learning all the sports skills they need to have fun playing soccer. Try our great kids camps that feature 4 different sports each day, LEGO® Play, Crafts, Circle Games and at Summer Camp they also do Waterplay. We have two choices for Summer Camp; our neighbourhood Multi-sport Camps for 3 - 7 year olds and our new Cool-sport Camp at Polson Pier for 5 - 12 year olds. This camp features golf, rock climbing, soccer, ultimate frisbee, basketball, beach volleyball and swimming (for 8 - 12 years only). Our sport-themed Birthday Parties are always a success. Kids get to choose the sports they want to play at one of our facilities or a facility of your choice. Our child-centered, play-based programs are designed to develop Gross Motor and Athletic Skills in a positive, supportive, non-competitive environment. Gross Motor Skills are considered the 5 Fingers of Sport; Running, Jumping, Throwing, Catching and Striking. Athletic Skills include Chasing/Tagging, Dodging/Deking, Collecting/Gathering, Body Movement, Body Manipulation and Equipment Manipulation. Sportplay programs are progressive and maximize participation throughout each class. Every child gets an equal chance to learn and play at Sportplay. By participating in Sportplay Programs children develop self-confidence, self-esteem and a healthy lifestyle. Multi-sport means children learn the skills and concepts of a variety of sports. At Sportplay kids will learn the skills of Basketball, Baseball, Football, Ball Hockey, Soccer, Tennis, Track and Field and Volleyball. This means kids develop a variety of Gross Motor and Athletic Skills that stimulate and develop their minds and bodies through a curriculum based on a physical education model. The key to Sportplay's success is connecting with kids and getting them excited and enthusiastic about sports. We create fun games and activities from individual skills that inspire kids to participate and allow them to explore and practice skills through play. Give your child the confidence to play and enjoy a variety of sport and recreational activities for life!

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