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The Kid Scoop: Toronto Kids Activities directory > Neighbour Note

Age Range: 5 years - 18 years
Neighbour Note : Music & Family Fun  Activities for Kids in Toronto

Lessons In Your Home Toronto - Downtown

East End, West End

North Toronto, Toronto



Neighbour Note : Music & Family Fun Activities for Kids in Toronto

At Neighbour Note, we provide fun, educational music lessons in a relaxed learning environment, that are both interesting and challenging, so all students regardless of their age or level, can progress to the best of their ability, while working at their own pace. Our goal is to help individuals reach their full potential by building self-confidence and self-esteem through music by way of encouragement, guidance, listening, assessment, and performance. We care deeply about your success. It’s all about being yourself and doing the best you can. What distinguishes Neighbour Note from other music schools, conservatories, academies, or in-home music lesson companies is our level of commitment to our students and their families. We provide numerous performance opportunities for all of our students. There are a minimum of four student recitals per year, all of which are free of charge. Our teachers make themselves readily available for correspondence between lessons on a weekly basis, that way all questions and concerns regarding music lessons can be dealt with before and after the actual lesson day. We offer the best qualified in-home rates and still cost less than many Toronto music studios.

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