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Terms and Conditions

Deal Purchases and Services by use of The Kid Scoop web site,
The Kid Scoop provides our members with “Super Scoop Deals” at a deep discount.
The Kid Scoop promotes a deal for the Merchant’s product or service with the particular deal characteristics. The Merchant is the “issuer” of the Voucher for its Deal, and The Kid Scoop acts as the marketing agent for the Deal.

Merchant Responsibilities. The Kid Scoop markets and facilitates the purchase of the Deal and provides the Voucher to the Purchaser but that Merchant remains the issuer of the Deal. Accordingly The Merchant and The Purchaser agree that The Merchant, and not The Kid Scoop, is solely responsible to fulfill the Deal and provide the Merchant Product to the individual redeeming each Voucher in accordance with the Agreement.

Fulfillment. The Merchant agrees to honour and fulfill all Vouchers sold for the Deal in accordance with the terms of the Deal, the standard The Kid Scoop Terms and
Conditions and any applicable laws. The Merchant agrees to accept Vouchers in any form presented for redemption that has been approved by The Kid Scoop, including, without limitation, a physical printout of the Voucher or by displaying the Voucher on a mobile device such as a smartphone at the point of service. Merchant shall not treat Voucher holders differently from other paying customers in the scheduling (e.g., use of blackout dates and times) or delivery of services, except as expressly set forth in the Deal. For Deals that require advance scheduling, Merchant shall use its best efforts to accommodate the scheduling request of the Voucher holder. Except as expressly set forth in the Deal, Merchant shall permit Voucher holders to redeem Vouchers after any applicable Expiration Date for Vouchers that require advance scheduling if the Voucher holder contacts Merchant prior to the Expiration Date for the purpose of scheduling service.

The Kid Scoop is committed to maintaining, the accuracy, confidentiality and security of your personally identifiable information (“personal Information”). The Kid Scoop Inc. agrees that all data entered by you and entered into the Deal by you including but not limited to your personal data, financial data, credit card information, remains the sole and unrestricted property of you. The Kid Scoop Inc. shall use its best efforts to ensure the privacy, security and integrity of said data and will not use this information for any purpose other than for the express fulfillment of the terms of the Deal and will not share the information with any third party.

All funds for the Deals are in Canadian Dollars.

The Merchant agrees to assume full responsibility for refunding the purchaser.  The Kid Scoop assumes no responsibility in refunds to the purchaser. Refunds, terminations and cancellations of deals are the sole responsibility of The Merchant.

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