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The Kid Scoop: The only Canadian portal that offers more than 10,000 activities for children, listed by age, interest and location

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The Kid Scoop: The only Canadian portal that offers more than 10,000 activities for children, listed by age, interest and location


Montreal, Quebec, Monday September 24, is the only web portal in Canada that enables parents to select activities for their children based on age, interest, city, season or occasion... free of charge. This innovative portal is bilingual, smart and personalized. It is currently the only site in Canada that helps parents find, plan, organize, as well as register and pay for, extracurricular activities for children from birth to age 16.


A team of “scoop hunters” who are always on the lookout for new kids activity and important information has listed over 10,000 activities, trips or events in 40 different categories in Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary; the service will be launched in Edmonton and the rest of Canada soon. The activities are updated daily.


“The Kid Scoop is an intelligent portal, similar to a concierge in a five-star hotel,” says Cindy Fagen, President and Co-Founder of The Kid Scoop. “Parents who try to find and register their children for  activities will quickly love navigating the site. All it takes is one click.”


The portal can sort and provide a personalized list of activities for each family. A mom living in Brossard with her eight-year-old son who loves astronomy, hockey and science fiction will know what to do and where to go at a glance. In addition, she will receive an automatic e-mail every month containing personalized information and activity ideas. The portal is like a virtual executive secretary; it thinks for the parent and child!


For a few years now, families have been entitled to apply for a tax credit of up to $75 per child toward the cost of registering them for eligible programs that focus on physical, artistic, cultural, recreational or developmental activities.


“It’s not a question of overloading your child’s schedule we know that it takes more than school studies to shape one’s personality,” adds Ms. Fagen. “The Kid Scoop is ideal for 21st century parents who need help to sort through the many choices available today, find the perfect fit for their kids while saving  time and money,”



Canada’s largest children’s activities portal


·  More than 10,000 activities

·  More than 100 new activities added each week

·  More than 40 categories (arts, sports,  camps, martial arts, family fun, seasonal fun etc.)

·  The largest directory in Canada: 5,000 companies offering activities

·  Serving four cities: Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary

·  The only “one-stop” portal for activities for children from birth to age 16

·  The only portal that enables parents to find personalized activities

·  More than 500,000 visitors a year

·  More than 4,000 followers on social networks

·  Hundreds of suggestions for “rainy days”

·  More than 500 children’s party organizers.


A smart and free portal


  • A sort of hotel concierge or personal secretary for parents
  • Highly local content: activities selected by city and neighbourhood
  • Information sorted based on criteria entered
  • Search by neighbourhood, child’s age, sex, interests, season, theme
  • A personalized newsletter sent by e-mail every month
  • An advisory committee made up of moms who do the research every day
  • Real-time information
  • The largest database of activities in Canada
  • A calendar for parents to plan activities
  • Competitions, gifts and good deals
  • The very latest information, updated constantly.


One stop, one effort, one click


Realities have changed. Nowadays, both parents in the family work; children no longer play outside in the streets and their tastes are changing all the time. Parents don’t want to overload their kids but they do understand that children like taking part in sports and cultural activities on weekends, after school, during school breaks or statutory holidays.


Ms. Fagen points out: “You often have to search through dozens of websites to find the best courses, the closest locations, shops that sell the equipment you need as well as the best prices — and most important: you mustn’t miss registration day! The Kid Scoop is user-friendly. All you need to do is enter your child’s age, tastes and the city. One click later, you have a list of the options available for your child. Parents can also enter their contact details to receive a personalized monthly e-mail listing the activities available…all at no cost.”


The Kid Scoop lists activities in 40 categories, such as the arts, craft, dance, drama, multimedia, music, sports, gardening, science, tutoring, etc. You can find a cupcake-baking camp, go-kart driving lessons, flute teachers; you can sign up for soccer or fencing lessons and buy equipment using discount coupons. All of these activities can be entered onto a personalized calendar, which parents can then print out. Information can be sorted using the following criteria:


  • Programs and courses: lessons that require registration (swimming, drama, dance, soccer, etc.)


  • Camps during the summer or school breaks (fall, winter and spring)


  • Activities: one-time activities to entertain and educate children (an exhibition, a trip to the zoo, a skating rink, a library, etc.)


  • Special events: one-time activities, seasonal events or clinics (workshops on chocolate, nutcrackers, dogsledding, etc.)


About The Kid


The Kid Scoop is the first free, smart and bilingual web portal set up to help parents search for children’s activities, courses, events and good deals in their neighbourhood. The Kid Scoop, launched in 2009, is now the largest online database of activities for children in Canada, with over 10,000 activities that are updated every day; it enables parents to find activities tailored to their child’s tastes, and then to register and pay for them online. The Kid Scoop is available to parents in Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary and will soon be launched in Edmonton.




Phone:                       1 800 939 1396 






Source: The Kid Scoop


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Media contact

Lamia Charlebois

Public Relations Advisor

Tel.: 514 279-4601

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