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Back-to-School Activity Picks

The Kid Scoop
And they're off...
Welcome Back to School. Oh, how we missed you! This month we're giving you all the Scoop on 
Back to School activities in Montreal for your kids! 
Scoop's Top Activity Picks 
Old Port

Île Ste. Hélène

West Island



Ready for School, Bundle of Joy, 
Household labels.... 
We're getting ourselves out of 
sticky situations by labeling our
life this September. 
Get organized with Identi-t'sPersonalized Labels.

Cindy's Scoop: Deal to Steal

Kuklamoo is an online community for young families with kids aged newborn to 16 years old. Their goal is to bring you high quality, useful, and interesting deals on products and services. Oh yeah, did we mention it's all at 30% - 90% off?



Our Scoop on Back-to-School
How to Choose the Right School for Your Child
Choosing a school that's right for your child can often be a challenging and daunting task. Each school has it's own environment, teaching style, and philosophy, and the experience of searching and deciding can end up being overwhelming. our school guide 



How Much Should I Pay My Nanny or Babysitter?
It is a valid question, which unfortunately doesn't have a straight answer, as there is no set fee, and rates vary from nanny to nanny and family to family. The main factor of course will be your budget, but there are also crucial aspects to consider before you decide on a set amount.

From our Sponsors: 
Need to get organized for Back to School? 
Renovate, Run.... and make sure you have a great bra!   
  Change Lingerie Fall
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