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Scoop: What’s Your Favorite Number?

What’s Your Favorite Number?

My favorite number is 9. That’s because 9 o’clock in the morning kicks off a six-hour time span when I am alone, without my three children whining, demanding, questioning or rolling their eyes. Everyone has been delivered to school: dressed, fed and given enough love to last at least until 3 o’clock in the afternoon.  So by the time I arrive back home after carpooling my trio to their respective institutions of learning (three separate destinations, I might add), I am ready for the first of many coffees before my day really revs up.

I keep the computer nearby in the kitchen/family room, and once I wipe off some unidentifiable stickiness on the delete key (note to self: no more food for kids when on computer), my inbox has this month’s e-newsletter – Your Scoop Update - from It’s filled with the latest family activities and events for my kids in our neighborhood, all selected by my personal activity angel who searches The Kid Scoop’s extensive database and gives me my report.  Another note to self: I need to register my tween for her requested improv classes, although her acting skills already appear to be fairly good to me!

Wait…there’s a feature on the home page that I never checked out, called the Scoop Café. It’s a collection of videos, favorite articles, blogs and useful information and tips from other parents and experts.  The layout of the Scoop Café webpage is catchy and the search functions are easy to use (necessary option for me), so I am able to quickly navigate through the pages. With only one click, I can also access the What’s Going On Today calendar to stay on top of activities happening in my area.

I totally enjoy a tongue-in-cheek rant on the Scoop Café called “Deep Thoughts on Shallow Subjects”.  In this blog, moms share their child-rearing experiences and innermost thoughts.  Definitely having a parallel life experience with The Scoop bloggers. There’s another feature with the skinny on what The Scoop’s parents and other experts think about various parenting challenges, such as bullying. Plus, there are discussions about the importance of sports and physical fitness for children, how to provide healthy treats at Halloween, and why an RESP education account for your toddler will help pay for a university education. Wait, there’s more! The Scoop Café also has a list of the best places to take your kids apple picking! And I did not know there are family-friendly cafés in Montreal.

I am definitely going to earn major “brownie” points when my kids arrive home.  Make that nutritious (I’ll never tell) cheesecake brownies, to be more precise, which I plan to bake following the step-by-step video featured on Scoop TV.

A brownie treat will make tomorrow’s 9 a.m. coffee break even sweeter.

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