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Giggles Party Store: Party Supplier Extraordinaire


Gone are the days when you could string up a few balloons and a banner proclaiming “Happy Birthday” or “Good Luck”. Nowadays, parties have transformed into themed events with coordinating napkins and tableware, and customized decorations designed to highlight the holiday or celebration.

Party stores, such as the Giggles Party Centre in Montreal, are one-stop shop that stock a wide range of supplies for every type of party including birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and special celebrations for births, graduations and sporting events. Stores cater to all age groups – children and adults – and they cover all tastes and budgets.

Halloween is one of the busiest times of year for party stores. Giggles’ selection of 500 different costumes range literally from A to Z – animals to zombies – for all age groups. Young girls love dressing up as princesses and boys as pirates, but this may be the year when they morph into superheroes or cartoon characters. There also is a wide selection of devilish fiends, ghosts and ghouls. Adults enjoy dressing up as much as the kids, and Giggles’ extensive adult costume selection includes an incredible assortment of makeup and wigs, masks, props and accessories. Turn into your alter ego and complete your new look with colored contact lens.

Party stores planners offer invaluable free advice and ideas about how to stage a party without requiring major investments. Giggles knows that the cost of party supplies can add up quickly, so it is offering a Super Scoop Deal on (a $40 coupon can be purchased for $20) or 10% off coupon on regular-priced merchandise.

Giggles’ sales associates can put together your entire party production. They can stuff loot bags according to your budget, find original party favors and suggest games that haven’t already been played a dozen times before by your guests.

After the games, the cake is one of the most anticipated parts of a party. Giggles has an extensive selection of character cakes – all of them peanut and nut free – many of which can be customized with a name and age, a favorite photo, or other special text.

Blowing up balloons is a time-consuming and stressful job, but no party would be complete without them. Giggles offers a huge selection of latex and Mylar balloons in all shapes, sizes, colors and a variety of themes. Helium-filled balloon anchored by colorful and creative weights are a less expensive way to dress up tables. Personalized messages and designs can be printed on balloons too.

Everyone wants a cool party theme. Giggles’ themed supplies range from hats to tableware covering a multitude of events, including adult milestones (such as a 30th birthday), a retirement or a bachelorette. All the characters for children that are currently popular favorites are also available.

Everyone loves a party and Giggles can make your party unforgettable.

More info and deals with Giggles HERE!

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