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Win a Sozo prize pack for your baby from Do-Gree Fashion

Time to get your baby outdoors with gear from Sozo!
Keep your baby warm, happy and oh so cute this spring with a
Sozo prize pack from Do-Gree Fashion!
Dogree - Sozo - Prize pack

Sozo has a great collection of whimsical and playful items that play double duty!

Sleep Sacks: Babies love sleep sacks at night, but they are also a great way to stay warm while going out for a stroll.
Blanket and cap set: Perfect for swaddling and keeping little heads warm.
Cuddle mat: These snuggly friends (monkey, ladybug, owl or a dog) keep babies entertained while also acting as the ultimate soother come time for a nap.

We're giving away one prize pack that includes:
Sleep sack
Blanket and cap set
Cuddle mat
No cash value
Specific styles based on availability

To Enter tell us below why your baby need to be in Sozo!
Read more about Sozo here.

(We won't share your email address but we do need it to contact you in case you win!)


neha wrote on 2014-10-14

Its a lovely stuff for my newborn, I just love it. Wish I had it for my elder one too.
Narges wrote on 2014-05-22

Oh my god, I saw the beautiful design with the most gorgeous colors they have the best quality.That would be wonderful if I can get it for my nephew ( little baby boy almost (6 months old) I'm sure would be a great gift from SOZO to him.
Victoria K wrote on 2014-04-10

These would be perfect for my newborn. We really need all of the above.
Victoria K wrote on 2014-04-10

These would be perfect for my newborn. We really need all of the above.
Sasha wrote on 2014-03-28

We would like a chance to win the Sozo package not only because my little guy is a monkey at heart but if you saw the boy, he would look so cute it it. He also uses blankets as a security thing and chews on them so it might as well be a little friend. :D Thank you in advance.
Josie Tusa wrote on 2014-03-26

I would love to win this for my niece. She has a 14 month old and is expecting her second in June. Her babies would look so great in Sozo.
beverly bridges wrote on 2014-03-22

Just to look great
Mona wrote on 2014-03-20

First baby, loads of things needed!
Mona wrote on 2014-03-20

First baby, loads of things needed!
bff197... wrote on 2014-03-13

I call my little guy a "busy bee" he would look adorable in that blanket and cap set. He needs to be in's him
Sophie Katz-Milo wrote on 2014-03-11

Sozo is the way to go!
Pam wrote on 2014-03-11

My girlfriend is expecting her first baby after many disappointments. I would like to introduce her to the Sozo brand so that her family can keep active outdoors.
Seema K wrote on 2014-03-05

I am expecting my baby in March and would rather prefer her to be outdoors enjoying the weather and the sun rather be in indoors. What perfect way to enjoy a little bit of sunshine than Sozo with its perfectly kid friendly items enabling a young baby to experience this new life to the fullest.

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