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Win $100 of Tooby*Doo clothing from Do-Gree Canada

Win $100 of Tooby*Doo clothing from Do-Gree Fashions Ltd.!

Dogree Tooby*Doo contest

This New York based children’s clothing line just arrived in Canada with merchandise available at some of our favourite retailers in major cities.
This US import is known for its fun, functional styles for children ranging in age from newborn up to 12 years old.
It’s even won awards for its collection of swimwear, cotton-cashmere garments and other whimsical pieces.
From the big screen to the red carpet, Tooby*Doo is in the spotlight and it soon will be in Canada too!

Read more about Tooby*Doo here:

Prize includes:
$100 of Tooby*Doo clothing sent from Do-Gree Fashion Ltd.
No cash Value
To Enter tell us below why you want to dress your kids in Tooby*Doo!"

(We won't share your email address but we do need it to contact you in case you win!)


Jasmina Pita wrote on 2014-02-28

It's so cool and trendy!
Marwa wrote on 2014-02-28

Toony Doo is too cute not to want to dress my kiddos in!!! Only the best for the best!!!! :D
Lynn wrote on 2014-02-24

New and different! Very cute!
Angie Kastoris wrote on 2014-02-20

The line appears to have a very playful yet edgy look!! Perfect for my beautiful 10 year old daughter.
Hiro wrote on 2014-02-16

My daughter began to choose the cloths by herself then always wears same few clothes which she loves. We have difficulties to find the clothes she loves. When she saw these clothes, she asked me whether she has chance to wear them. we can't wait!!
Grace wrote on 2014-02-14

I'd love to get an "on the move" cotton-cashmere blanket, and a jumpsuit for the baby. Awesome colours.
Ashley DenHaan wrote on 2014-02-14

Beautiful line of clothing!! My daughter wears a size 4...and would look adorable in your stuff :}
linda wrote on 2014-02-14

Cool styles. My 4y only wears dresses and they are so cute and cool at the same time!
Lilibeth wrote on 2014-02-13

Tooby*Doo clothes are sooooooo cute and classy. They're good for my kids!
mrsdaw... wrote on 2014-02-13

the clothes are very comfortable and beautiful. my daughter loves dresses and my son enjoys being fashionable.
Pat wrote on 2014-02-13

the clothing looks beautiful and well made but the reason why this company caught my eye is because I love the name Tooby Doo how fun !!!!
mikrou... wrote on 2014-02-13

I want my daughter to be in the latest trendy clothing and that's also practival!
Stacey wrote on 2014-02-13

I'd dress my kids in ToobyDoo b/c they clothes are fun!
Olga wrote on 2014-02-13

I buy clothes from The Children's place, Old Navy and GAP for my daughter, I would like to see how this brand compares to these and if it's worth switching.
Sandy wrote on 2014-02-13

Because the outfits are so cute and trendy
Caroline wrote on 2014-02-12

The clothes really look amazing, so modern and so colourful. Love it.
tina wrote on 2014-02-12

Love the classic touch. They are so colourful
Marian wrote on 2014-02-12

very stylish colourfull joyfull cloths...different than what in canadian stores ..matching my kids taste and style
Annette wrote on 2014-02-12

I would like to dress my daughter in tooby doo because they look super cute and when someone comments on her outfit I can tell them I got it at tooby doo!
Narges wrote on 2014-02-11

So, my kid's birthday comes with spring, so that would be a best surprise as a birthday gift, thanks
mavlo... wrote on 2014-02-11

cool and fun fashion for our little once...
Liad03... wrote on 2014-02-11

It's fun !!!
Tal wrote on 2014-02-11

Excited for this new clothing lime to come to Montreal. Cute and functional clothes! What else can a child and parent ask for!
sora wrote on 2014-02-11

My boy already cares what he wears to school everyday. Tooby Doo seems just what he would like to wear, practical and fashionable~~
sora wrote on 2014-02-11

My boy already cares what he wears to school everyday. Tooby Doo seems just what he would like to wear, practical and fashionable~~
sora wrote on 2014-02-11

My boy already cares what he wears to school everyday. Tooby Doo seems just what he would like to wear, practical and fashionable~~
lillia... wrote on 2014-02-11

I like the refreshing color design.
susy wrote on 2014-02-11

Very cute clothing so modern love it
antaya... wrote on 2014-02-11

I want to dress my kid in Tooby*Doo Her name is Nour El Tayar, 3 years old
zeina wrote on 2014-02-11

Because they are different than what is in the market
zeina wrote on 2014-02-11

Because they are different than what is in the market
Nadine wrote on 2014-02-11

The clothes really look amazing!
christine wrote on 2014-02-11

Great quality and with 2 daughters , they wear hand me downs.
sonia wrote on 2014-02-11

love the colours and the fun look... i am always interested in grabbing eye catching pieces of clothing for my triplets.
sjb131... wrote on 2014-02-11

Stylin' in these 'duds' my handsome, little one would be prepped for a walk in the sunshine. All we would need after that is the airline tickets or a warm Toronto day! ;-)
Trupti wrote on 2014-02-11

Tooby*Doo has perfect styles & a nice qualities.
jan wrote on 2014-02-11

Nice styles,excellent quality
hwolfe... wrote on 2014-02-11

Tooby*Doo looks like very cool clothing & that is what my grandchildren wear.
juds1a... wrote on 2014-02-11

I need a change for my kids, An uncommon look sometimes is nice.
Niki Dimas wrote on 2014-02-11

This is the style i've been looking for, for my son! Clean lines, nice cuts, beautiful clothing. Can't wait to get my hands on them!
Allison wrote on 2014-02-11

Perfect! The clean lines and bold graphics are cute enough for me, and simple enough for my beautiful tomboy. Goodbye hoodies and yoga pants, there is Tooby Doo in our future.
Marie wrote on 2014-02-11

My son's sweet personality and smiley face is perfect for you walking advertisement! ;) Decked out in the latest trend would be great. Every mother wants the best for their kid(s). I hope every mommy here gets a little something. Good luck to all
Tanya wrote on 2014-02-11

Because my daughter will look so cute in them that other mommies wont resist asking where i got them
cecilia wrote on 2014-02-11

I want my kids to be the coolest dressed kids at their bday party!
judyla... wrote on 2014-02-11

I find the clothing so stylish!
joyce shane wrote on 2014-02-11

Because I like the style.
Natalie Allan wrote on 2014-02-09

My 2.5 year old son is growing faster than a well watered weed these days! I'd love a chance to pick up some new threads from Tooby*Doo, they look great :)
Natalie Allan wrote on 2014-02-09

My 2.5 year old son is growing faster than a well watered weed these days! I'd love a chance to pick up some new threads from Tooby*Doo, they look great :)
oxana wrote on 2014-02-09

the cloths are cute!
Yair tanger wrote on 2014-02-04

I feel its great because their style is cool and collected as a dad i like that put two different patterns and it looks good!my kids would enjoy that!
kiran wrote on 2014-02-04

I have twin boy/girl and love to dress them up in fun and unique clothing. The Tooby Doo line works perfectly!
Helen wrote on 2014-02-04

I have a 6 year old daughter and these clothing would look amazing on her as she loves to dress and look like a DIVA. We enjoying buying her clothing that is different from her friends. Jayda loves to dress everyone else around her. Jayda will complete your clothing.... THX and have a great day. I would love to know where I can buy your clothing line...
elie wrote on 2014-02-02

I love the look of this clothing line....comfortable, stylish, and carefree....I can totally see my 2 boys rocking these outfits.
Julie Lalumiere wrote on 2014-02-02

First of all, it looks like a great collection. Very nice clothes and they seem to be comfortable. Also, I have two daughters and soon, a baby boy, so it is expensive to dress them ! What a great way to dress them in original clothes ! Thank you !
Sophie Katz-Milo wrote on 2014-01-31

When my 8 yr old daughter read this and read the name, my 2 1/2 yr old son said "Scooby Doo". Too cute. I think he would get a kick out of wearing something even remotely close to one of his favourite characters. The clothing line is awesome and don't have hand me downs from my daughter. She is all set but he needs the wardrobe overhaul. What better way than with Tooby Doo!
Jenn wrote on 2014-01-31

My son would look so handsome in Tooby Doo! He really likes new, "cool" clothes and I know will love anything from your line!
ghaidaa wrote on 2014-01-31

I will dress my two girls 3 and 7 tooby doo fashion
alison wrote on 2014-01-31

My kids have been bugging me for ages to take them to New York City. While I make that happen, I can keep them happy in the coolest duds from the coolest city!
Julie wrote on 2014-01-31

I want to dress my girls (7 and 4) in ToobyDoo fashions because we are fresh off a relocation from New Zealand and could only fit in a portion of their clothes. Bright, on trend outfits would send them over the moon, thank you!
m.thel... wrote on 2014-01-30

it's a fresh new look for my kids and most important, comfortable.
manage... wrote on 2014-01-30

They are unique and adorable and I would love to give this to them.
jacipi... wrote on 2014-01-30

The Tooby Door clothing line is adorable and I have two girls, three and four. They're a year and nine days apart! I love to dress the in the cutest clothes and I love to Co-ordinator their outfits somehow. Even if one is at scool all day and the other is home with me!
Rachel wrote on 2014-01-30

My daughter would love Tooby doo clothes
Jane Sasonow wrote on 2014-01-28

I would want to dress my kids in Tobby Doo because they look cute
Nancy wrote on 2014-01-27

I would love to dress my daughter in Tooby Doo because these are styles I would not have to fight her to wear! Getting dressed in the morning is a breeze when she likes her clothing and these styles are made for her! :)
andrew... wrote on 2014-01-26

I love Tooby*Doo clothing because its great quality and style for my sons.
sweetg... wrote on 2014-01-25

Because it is perfect clothes for kids. Great quality.
Marc-Andre wrote on 2014-01-25

Great clothes. Awesome price.
sarah wrote on 2014-01-25

I like to put fun and stylish clothes on my kids upcoming spring and summer. I can't wait to see them wear this brand.
Danielle wrote on 2014-01-25

Tooby Doo clothes are cute and I think my daughter would look great in them
andrew... wrote on 2014-01-24

I want my boys to have great quality clothing that's why I want to dress my sons in Tooby*Doo!
Kathy wrote on 2014-01-24

I would like to dress my kids in Tooby Doo because they look cute
Milena wrote on 2014-01-24

I've had great experience with Do-Gree Canada merchandise. Would love to try new collection for my children.
Laurie wrote on 2014-01-23

I would like to dress my kids in Tooby Doo because they look fun,functional and fashionable
Karen wrote on 2014-01-23

My son is turning 5 in March and stated he wants to dress like a big boy now! Hoping Tooby Doo has a big boy clothing selection that might help me out. Thanks Karen
nunziata fori wrote on 2014-01-23

Would love to win this for spring and spruce up my sons wardrobe, thanks for the opportunity.

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