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Win a family pass to TOHU - From the Ground up! By Circus Oz

This contest is now closed!
Congratulations to our winner Doaa!

Win a family pass to TOHU - From the Ground up! By Circus Oz

Tohu Oz - From the Ground Up

Australia’s most famous troupe is coming to Montreal!
Never taking themselves seriously,
the Circus Oz performers have an indefinable knack for adorable absurdity that delights audiences of all ages.
Merry, colourful, daring, spectacular, and dead funny, these acrobats, jugglers, musicians, and aerial artists will do anything to entertain you.
Operating in a world of ladders, bricks, mortar and bulging muscles, they add a touch of rock & roll and clownery to the act : Broadway meets a construction site !

Want to know more?
Find out more here and Buy tickets!

To Enter: Tell us below why you want to see "From the Ground up"!

Prize includes:
Tickets: 2 Adults & 2 Children.
Performance: Wednesday March 5, at 19:30.
No cash Value

(We won't share your email address but we do need it to contact you in case you win!)


Hisako wrote on 2014-02-16

We love the circus! We love la TOHU! Sounds like a great family outing!!
Carmen wrote on 2014-02-13

We like this type of shows, with acrobats that are also dancers and comedians. We went to similar shows last year and it was an unforgettable experience, that we want to repeat. Kids have fun, but also learn a lot from the cohesiveness of the team, the way that music, play and lights create a fantastic atmosphere on the stage. We would like to win! Really.
Pat wrote on 2014-02-13

My son loves jumping and doing fliping all over the place it would be amazing for him to see the wonderful acrobatics. also I am a big non believer of aminal circus' so to have wonderful performances like these I feel my kids are not left out of experiencing Circus shows
Allison wrote on 2014-02-13

Construction and acrobatics in one? I thought our living room was the only place in the city with this happening. My kids would flip (!) to see this - though I might regret it later when they re-enact Circus Oz at home.
Marianne wrote on 2014-02-13

To cultivate my kids imagination which is still so magical! To share a laugh during a good "crazy" moment.
Milena wrote on 2014-02-13

My kids 5 and 7 love shows. It would me a wonderful treat for them on spring break :)
Anne-Lisa wrote on 2014-02-13

For a night of magic and enchantment! Let's all join the circus!
Olga wrote on 2014-02-13

My daughter is 4, she has never seen a circus show because I don't agree with animal circus, this one seems to have no animals.
Laurie wrote on 2014-02-13

Both my kids love watching me freak out watching stunts and acrobats
Chantale wrote on 2014-02-13

Because we love the circus and we live nearby the Tohu!
Loni wrote on 2014-02-10

We would love to go and treat our kids to a night of fun!
LORRIE wrote on 2014-02-06

I think this would be a nice show to watch.
LORRIE wrote on 2014-02-06

I think this would be a nice show to watch.
Evdoksia Laganis wrote on 2014-02-05

It would make an amazing birthday gift for my youngest daughter who really enjoys live entertainment! It looks like an interesting show to take my girls to. Hope we win!!!
schipani wrote on 2014-01-31

a chance to do an fun activity with the family and enjoy
Rachel wrote on 2014-01-30

nice family bonding time
nunziata fori wrote on 2014-01-28

would love to bring my family to this specatacular show
Nancy wrote on 2014-01-27

This would be a great March break activity for our family! We love the idea of the "animal-free" circus and this is a nice family-friendly alternative to Cirque de Soleil!
suzann... wrote on 2014-01-26

This would be an amazing opportunity for my boys to see! They would truly enjoy watching a show that combines acrobatics, comedy and music! They both like to perform and to see a true professional would be an inspirational motivation!
Danielle wrote on 2014-01-25

I think my daughter might love this experience and would be fun for her
aicha wrote on 2014-01-23

For my daughter, it been a rough year. Could be a good way to start over.
billy7... wrote on 2014-01-23

I would like to take my 9 year old son to see "From the Ground Up" to inspire the performing artist in him. He is a little shy but has a lot of performing arts talents. I want him to experience the variety and possibilities he could partake in that your show offers. With the uniqueness of your show, it will show him that there are no limits to the performing arts!
Chantal Laflamme wrote on 2014-01-23

Because Spring Break is all about fun, family experience, new discovery and thinking outside the box! Circus Oz seems to represent that perfectly!
Frank wrote on 2014-01-23

Saw them once, really good entertainers and to spend some good time with family!
Niki Dimas wrote on 2014-01-22

It looks like a great way to introduce my 3 year old to some live theater. It looks like something that might hold his attention.
xenia paterson wrote on 2014-01-22

Sounds like a great family show!
Fabian Hernandez wrote on 2014-01-20

would love to enjoy this show with my nephews
nunziata fori wrote on 2014-01-17

Would love to send my boys to see this.
Richard Charron wrote on 2014-01-17

Because it's a great way to entertain the kids :)
kitty wrote on 2014-01-16

I always love to see these talented, brave, and creative performers. They are the best entertainers.
LORRIE wrote on 2014-01-16

Would love to win tickets.
nunziata fori wrote on 2014-01-16

We would love to win tickets for this show especially for my son 9yrs old. thx
Doaa wrote on 2014-01-16

My kids are the perfect age to be mesmerized by this (8&6) They've never been to a show...they would be so happy to go! I would enjoy the bulging muscles!!!

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