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WIN a $100 shopping spree at JRC Toys Warehouse Sale

This contest is now closed
Congratulation Arzu Deen!

Do you love to tell your friends about a great deal?
Share the Scoop about the JRC TOYS WAREHOUSE SALE and get paid for doing it!!
Sign up to be a JRC AMBASSADOR and get the chance to
WIN a $100 shopping spree at JRC Toys Warehouse Sale?
It's easy... just spread the scoop about the sale to your family, friends and neighbours and a $100 worth of toys could be yours!

JRC Warehouse Sale
How to enter:
  1. Tell us below why you think you can get people talking about this great sale!
  2. We'll contact you to get some JRC flyers into your hands (...or purse!)
  3. Hand them out, mail them, make a sandwich board and more… and you'll be entered for a chance to win!

(We won't share your email address but we do need it to contact you in case you win!)


lenora... wrote on 2013-10-20

I like to share with other parents when I hear of a great sale on kids toys!
sarah wrote on 2013-10-14

i think because who knows how to get a kid to buy stuff then kids!
Kristy wrote on 2013-10-07

It helps if I read the directions! I can get people talking because I'm friendly and like to chat with other moms at the playground, playgroup, classes, etc. I'm always talking with friends and others with kids about fun things to do around town!
Kristy wrote on 2013-10-07

Sign me up!! :)
Cloverdale Multi-Ressources wrote on 2013-10-04

We are a community organization where a lot of families have access to our services. Also, the employees have children for whom they will buy toys for the Holiday season. So, we can promote your sale among a lot of people. Thank you.
Hisako wrote on 2013-10-02

Kids' birthdays, loot bags, Christmas, ... I'm ready to SHOP! And, ready to share this awesome sale with all my friends (already shared on Facebook and have a bunch of friends to go with who I'm sure would also make great JRC Ambassadors)!
Laura wrote on 2013-10-02

I would love to be an ambassador. I do most of my xmas shopping here every year. I am also very involved with the school and the local football league. I would love the opportunity to brag about this awesome place.
Natalie boules wrote on 2013-10-02

Christmas is around the corner, so what better reason for toys
dayscr... wrote on 2013-10-01

I have been to the sale before have some great toys and good prices.
silver... wrote on 2013-10-01

I will get people talking about the sale because I have been been sopping at JRC for years and you have the best prices.
Nicoleta wrote on 2013-09-30

because of the good prices and the variety.
marc-andre taillefer wrote on 2013-09-30

Because i am always in contact with people at my work that would love to take advantage of this deal.
Beth wrote on 2013-09-30

I am a teacher and I know many parents and grandparents who are looking for great toys and educational games for their children. JRC is a great place to find the best children's items!
Beth wrote on 2013-09-30

I am a teacher and I know many parents and grandparents who are looking for great toys and educational games for their children. JRC is a great place to find the best children's items!
Christa wrote on 2013-09-30

I'm a stay at home mom and see lots of parents when I pick up my kids after school! We go to the park and meet more families, and my kids play hockey, another place where we could spread the word!
Arzu wrote on 2013-09-30

I am a teacher, have two children of my own, and have many friends with children and babies! Everyone needs a great toy sale before the holidays!
shosho... wrote on 2013-09-30

I have a big network of friends and family and so do they! My daughter goes to a huge daycare (lots of parent traffic there!) so passing the word will be easy!
Monica wrote on 2013-09-30

Never mind. Clicked the logo. Got it. Too early for this much clicking. Lol
Monica wrote on 2013-09-30

The address of the wearhouse would be nice.
tinaw6... wrote on 2013-09-30

I am a local photographer and I am preparing for the holidays! I will be seeing allot of clients that I can give flyers to. Love this sale! Now that it's bigger it's even better!!!
Andrea wrote on 2013-09-30

I am a mommy of 3, volunteer at my kids schools so see lotsa mommies! And have 2 boys who play intercity soccer (26 boys with parents) and a daughter who does ballet( a whole school of parents!) I can get out your flyers!
Melissa wrote on 2013-09-30

Because I am a head teacher at an early childhood center, I receive and share information about toy sales and new toys that have come out with the person that chooses our toys, my fellow educators, and the families that attend our Center. Great word of mouth and advertising ;)
Wendy wrote on 2013-09-30

We are always looking for ways to save money when it comes to buying toys for our kids because they are just expensive!!! I am sure other moms feel the same. Not just for our kids, I can not imagine how many toys I have to purchase to give away or to give to family and friends each year. I was always looking for a great toy site/ store that would offer competitive prices (I always shop at ToysRus). I would definitely spread the words with my zumba gang (over 300 women), teachers at school and colleagues at work by email and Facebook (it goes fast!).
Anca wrote on 2013-09-30

I love to tell your friends about a great deal. I'm always in contact with new peoples at work & at school. It's my way to be.

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