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Win a Cloud B and SOZO BABY BUNDLE for your little ones

Marlo Turner Ritchie!

With the older kids back into their school routine

now it's time to focus on the little one's!

Cloudb contest 2013

We're giving away a CloudB and SOZO BABY BUNDLE that includes:

To ENTER, tell us below what baby product is your favourite!

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(We won't share your email address but we do need it to contact you in case you win!)


Marlo wrote on 2013-11-08

OH WOW! I just got the amazing news that I won this beautiful gift pack! Thank you SO MUCH! As a first time Mamma, every little bit of help counts (-:
Marlo wrote on 2013-11-08

OH WOW! I just got the amazing news that I won this beautiful gift pack! Thank you SO MUCH! As a first time Mamma, every little bit of help counts (-:
julia wrote on 2013-10-22

My son has the cloud b turtle which we love and now with the new baby coming this january, i think he would love the cloud b giraffe
lenora... wrote on 2013-10-20

We bring our ladybug everywhere! It has become a great part of our bed-time routine for our children! We would love a bundle with all of these great products, and would happily give the ladybug to a friend of ours that does not yet have one! : )
Carolyn wrote on 2013-10-19

I love the ladybug light! So cute !!!
Jennifer wrote on 2013-10-18

SOZO lady bug swaddle and cap set is my favourite - any baby would look adorable in this outfit!
jackie Tanger wrote on 2013-10-17

I really love them all so I woud be so HAPPY winning any of them for my baby But if I had to choose it would be the kady bug light.
Debbie wrote on 2013-10-15

So far, my favourite product is the sleep sheep from cloud-b.
Ninne Rose wrote on 2013-10-08

we love baby boo bamboo product
annabe... wrote on 2013-10-07

Our favorite is the SOZO Banana swaddle and cap - too cute for words !! :)
vanessa wrote on 2013-10-07

Sozo Banana swaddle and cap are faves of ours!!! Love, Love, Love!!!
deanna... wrote on 2013-10-06

I love the monkey nap sack. It's so soft & cozy!
Yair tanger wrote on 2013-10-04

It would have to be the lady bug light because my baby is intrigue By the lights and he points them out wherever he is he want to touch it So as a father and a parent I think it was a great idea to come out with such a product for them!
andrew... wrote on 2013-10-01

We love Pampers diapers!
marlap... wrote on 2013-09-29

What an awesome bundle for the little ones :O) LOVE IT!!!
Addora... wrote on 2013-09-29

Cloud B my baby boy would love that
Carla wrote on 2013-09-28

My favorite baby product is a bright starts toy my daughter has for her carseat. My little one is very fussy because she has trouble sleeping and it is extremely hard to take her places because of it. My daughter's grandmother bought her this toy that has saved us many hours of screaming in the car. She is able to play music and play with toys which makes her entertained while she is awake and much less fussy when we go out. This toy was my lifesaver!
katja wrote on 2013-09-25

how can we possibly choose which product is our favorite, they are all great and have their own particular uses. The swaddle sacs help them find that deep peace they need to sleep restfully while the lady bug light gives them somber lighting that both lets the baby sleep and the parents see the baby when they need to.
fathima wrote on 2013-09-24

CloudB Giraffe and cloudB ladybug light are our all time favourite
Sabrina wrote on 2013-09-24

CloudB Lady bug light, Sozo lady bug swaddle and cap set and Sozo wee blocks.
kim davis wrote on 2013-09-23

Gentle Giraffe™
ROTH01... wrote on 2013-09-23

The sock monkey bunting set - too cute!
Céline Mainville wrote on 2013-09-23

Baby Rattles - Giraffe
Céline Mainville wrote on 2013-09-23

Baby Rattles - Turtle
Céline Mainville wrote on 2013-09-23

Baby Rattles - Turtle
sweetg... wrote on 2013-09-23

Soothing Puppets - Ladybug
Marc-Andre wrote on 2013-09-23

Gentle Giraffe™
Marlo wrote on 2013-09-21

It is so hard to choose! I would say that the lady bug swaddle and cap set is my favourite. In the past, when I have come across a ladybug, it is a special moment of hush and observation. I expect the same when our new baby enters our life!

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