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Win 2 Tickets to see The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Congratulations Jacqueline Esther Ettedgui

Are you hungry to WIN some tickets?

We’re giving away 2 tickets to see

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

and Other Eric Carle Favourites presented by the West Island JCC!

YM-YWHA Hungry Caterpillar



Enjoy 2 ticket to Sunday October 6th Performance at one of the following times:




Play suitable for ages 2-6 years old.


Didn’t win or need tickets?  To reserve tickets please contact

Heather or Sophie. 514.624.6750

To ENTER tell us below why your child is hungry to see this play! 


(We won't share your email address but we do need it to contact you in case you win!)


Bronwyn wrote on 2013-09-27

We love Eric Carle in our house! The Hungry Catepillar is a bed time staple!
Amelia wrote on 2013-09-26

My son Declan is going to be 3 October 24th and he knows how to read that book to me already (obviously he has memorized it and can't actually read) though it goes to show how often we read that book. Oh and the grouchy ladybug... And the foolish tortis... And house for hermit crab and brown bear brown bear what do you see and the very lonely firefly and... We'll you get the picture.not to mention that he has never been to a play yet and this would be the best play for him to see since he loves Eric Carles books.
Dana wrote on 2013-09-26

Every night before he goes to bed, Liam pulls out this story and we watch the evolution of this little caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly. Liam chases after every butterfly he see thanks to Eric Carle and asks if they have a belly ache from eatting too much.
Anca wrote on 2013-09-26

She has never seen a real play, & will be fun for all family.
katja wrote on 2013-09-25

my kids have gone to see a few kids plays but most have been under duress. I can honestly say that this is the first play that they have actually requested to see. Thanks for making them hungry for theater.
fathima wrote on 2013-09-24

he is so hungry to see this play because he loves butterfly family, he is so inovative he loves to know how caterpiller turns to butterfly, by looking in to this play he can learn more about what caterpillar do, how they eat/sleep etc...he is more exited to see this play....
C wrote on 2013-09-24

We love everything about Eric Carle! My youngest son, when learning to speak, could point to a book and say "Eric Carle" even if he had never read that particular book before. We have owned Very Hungry Caterpillar slippers and have 3 copies of the book, one of them in French!
Sabrina wrote on 2013-09-24

My daughter has never seen a play and my husband just lost his job so it's been hard to do any activities. She also loves caterpillars because of the caillou book that we read at night "Bath time with Caillou". Thank You
Dimple wrote on 2013-09-16

This would be a great additional learning source for my daughter who is learning about caterpillars in school.
Dimple wrote on 2013-09-12

We love Eric Carle! It would be cool to see the Hungry Caterpillar in action!
Addora... wrote on 2013-09-12

My son Yoav has always been fascinated at a young age About catepillars how do they eat and what do they eat And how do they become butterflies until today he is so intrigued By it he brought one in a box this summer put it in with a snail and he thought he would Eat. Poor thing he could have killed it as soon as we found out about it we told him he had to realese it It was sad but yet so cute of him.
su wrote on 2013-09-12

My 2year old became very curious about food after reading this book! He 'd always say apple to every fruit, even though it was a peach or a pear. But 'nana' was always correct!
Christina wrote on 2013-09-12

This was one of my son's favourite books from early on. We have always wanted to see it as a play!
andrea wrote on 2013-09-12

Loves this story

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