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WIN a Meet & Greet with Anna Olson plus tickets at Canada's Baking and Sweet's Show

Congratulations Marisa Mammoliti

How Sweet it is this Fall...
Toronto is in for a real treat with the kick off of the 3rd annual:

Canadas Baking and Sweets Show

September 27-29, 2013
Toronto Congress Centre

Get VIP treatment courtesy of The Kid Scoop!

Here's your chance to WIN 2 tickets to the show, PLUS a
 Meet & Greet with Anna Olson
on Saturday Saturday September 28th, 2013

Canadas Baking and Sweets Show - Anna Olson

To Enter tell us below why it would be so sweet if you won!

Contest ends: September 18th, 2013

(We won't share your email address but we do need it to contact you in case you win!)


igar wrote on 2013-09-14

This is an awesome contest
Dimple wrote on 2013-09-12

I would love to take my daughter who's 7!!
emyral... wrote on 2013-09-12

So I get to run around high on sugary sweets and finally be able to catch up with my 2 year old!
Mary wrote on 2013-09-11

I have watched Anna's shows and it would be so awesome to meet her in person.
clamen... wrote on 2013-09-11

A sweet treat to meet Anna Olson can't be beat. My highschool friend and I (we're now in our 60's) bake together yearly at holiday time and have used some of Anna's recipes to bake treats for delivery to hospital staff and friends and family. We would love to meet her in person and thank her.
Fan wrote on 2013-09-11

Love Anna Olson, she has such great recipes and her creations are masterpieces. I tried some, the sweetest ones.
maggie wrote on 2013-09-10

It would be sweet if I won tickets to this show and got to meet the amazing Anna Olsen because baking is a passion that my daughter and I share. She is a total daddy's girl who loves to play sports and roll around and get dirty but she also loves to spend time with me in the kitchen baking yummy treats. She plays a game where she pretends she is the host of her own cooking show and I have to try the food and be a "tester". Spending time with her baking is my favourite thing and I would love to share this experience with her.
mmammo... wrote on 2013-09-10

oops...hit submit my accident, I'm not was I?..yes her first fondant cake was for her cousins 25th birthday, a black and white cake was requested by the birthday girl. Soon she will be attempting a Dallas Cowboys Helmet for the bf of her cousin and in December a Leaf jersey for her brother. The entire family is aware of Alanas passion and her ability for baking, she is at her happiest when she is in our kitchen rolling dough, or preparing sweet surprises for her family. On Alanas 10th birthday she asked if she could have her own Kitchen Aid stand mixer instead of a birthday party. When she turned 12 she used her own birthday money to buy herself an $80 Waffle maker. We never stood in Alanas way when she wanted to bake her buy herself more and more utensils and appliances. Her inventory consists of a Kitchen Aid stand mixer, Waffle Maker, Bread Maker, Icecream maker, Food processor, Deepfryer and much more! We could own share at Williams Sonoma, her fav store in the world where she received her first Oreo pan cake. She was hooked...we never pass a W.S. without going...and buying a little something of course. We are all definitely coming to this show! I never heard of it until now so I would love to surprise my little baker with this! Thank you Marisa Mammoliti...proudest mom of future pastry chef Alana Mammoliti!
mmammo... wrote on 2013-09-10

Hi My daughter Alana, is Anna Olson's biggest fan! She has all her baking books, met her at the Eaton Center and got her autograph and even went to the same high school!.....Loretto Abbey! Alana started her baking debut when she was only 6 with her first Easy Bake oven, since then she has been baking cookies, brownies, cupcakes, pies, cakes and more! She is now 17 years old and has applied for the Baking Management program at George Brown in Toronto but was put on a waiting list...only 376 students ahead of her...whatt??? yup, but Alana has not prevailed, she is now attending York University with hopes of still attending George Brown and make her dreams a reality. When Alana was younger she would always say,'when I grow up I'm going to bake for the stars at the Oscars'. Seeing the perserverance and persistence in my daughter, I believe her. She is now mastering Fondant cakes, her last one was a black printer for her aunts co-worker who was a retiring as a printer. Alana made her first one for
danette wrote on 2013-09-10

How very sweet life is with children. Adding their special sweet creations to our days with new creative views and chocolate joy!
Sandy wrote on 2013-09-10

It would be sweet for my kids, the "Sugar Twins". Sophia and William love everything sweet!! and I love making it for them.
rafeen... wrote on 2013-08-31

My 12 daughter loves baking and Anna is her most favorite personality/bakers to watch. She will watch on demand segments instead of the regular kids programming that all the kids watch, She even has her 6 year old sister watching. The bake together all the time. She will love this prize.
Cindy wrote on 2013-08-27

My mom's name was Anna Oleson close eh? My daughter loves anything to do with Science and baking is a type of science, plus it is hands on, her next favorite thing. Plus it is always great to meet a real live celebrity especially such a "sweet" one!
Nadia wrote on 2013-08-23

My mom loves Anna Olsen and would absolutely flip (if she could... lol...) if we were to win!! <3
Dimple wrote on 2013-08-19

My almost 7year old Anjali is a huge fan of Anna Olsen and if baking! What a great treatit would've to spend time alone with her to go to the show!
andrew... wrote on 2013-08-13

It would be so sweet to win this prize because my sister and I are BIG Anna Olsen fans and we both LOVE to bake! Thanks for the chance to win!

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