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Seek & Find with LearningToys!

Seek and you shall find... and WIN with!
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Ever wanted to be a toy testing family?
Here’s your chance to win some great toys from
...and become a Toy Tester!

5 toys . . .  5 lucky winners!

All you have to do is tell us which toy you would like to test with your kids.
But first you and your kids have to find it at and answer our SEEK & FIND question below!

Winners will share their toy-testing results by sending us a video featuring the kids in the family!

LearningToys Contest Collage

Plus-Plus Mini Neon 600 pieces for ages 6+ $34.99
These tiny pieces can be shaped into just about anything you imagine! A fantastic vehicle, a bouquet of flowers - even a pair of sunglasses! What would you make with them? Once you get started you’ll find ideas of what to make just popping into your head!
Seek and find question: Visit and find the Plus-plus Mini Neon. You will see that it comes in 4 different sized boxes. Can you tell us how many pieces are in each size of box?

Air Pogo Jumper for Ages 6+ $29.99
Get your bounce on! The Air Pogo Jumper is softer than a pogo stick but once you master it you will be bouncing high! To get started, squeeze the ball between your feet and start bouncing... gently. You will need good balance and strong legs to master the Air Pogo Jumper. Challenge your friends and family to jump higher and longer. Great fun and good exercise!
Seek and find question:  Visit and tell us besides the ball and the board to stand on, what else is included with the Air Pogo Jumper?

Solar Mechanics Workshop For ages 8+ $19.99
Powered by the sun, built by you! Ever wonder how solar power works? Want to see it in action? With this kit you can build 6 different models all powered with clean energy from the sun. Power a vibrating robot. Build a cooling fan that comes on automatically when the sun heats the air around it. Be amazed as the sun helps you create a spinning wonder with sparkling colour.  What other experiments can you think of to use the clean energy from your solar module?
Seek and Find question: Visit and find the Solar Mechanics Workship. Does this product require batteries?

Nancy B Crime Solver Scope and Forensic Activity Journal for ages 8+ $17.99
Are you the detective in your house? Solving mysteries gets a whole lot easier when you have a Crime Solver Scope! It will help you spot even the tiniest details! Investigate everyday mysteries around your house or take it with you to be ready for anything! You never know when you will come across an unsolved mystery! It even transforms into a telescope to help you spot things from afar. Don’t forget to use the Forensic Activity Journal to note all of your observations. Good detectives always have their notes to refer back to!
Seek and find question: Visit and find the Crime Solver Scope. Tell us what the girl in the picture is doing with the Crime Solver Scope.

Goldie Blox and the Spinning Machine for ages 6+ $34.99

Do you have lots of ideas for things you would invent? Things to make life easier or more fun? Goldie is an inventor who loves to build. She needs your help to build a spinning machine to help her dog nacho chase his tail. Follow along with the story and build with Goldie. You will be amazed and inspired by the machine that you create.
Seek and Find question: Visit and find Goldie Blox and the Spinning machine. Tell us how many animals does Goldie have?

To Enter:

1. Email us at  Tell us the toy you want to win and test PLUS the answer to the Seek & Find question.
2. We will announce the winner of each toy and send the toy straight to your door with the details of how to make and submit your toy testing video.  (Smart phone videos absolutely okay)
3. Send us your Video!

(We won't share your email address but we do need it to contact you in case you win!)


Cindy wrote on 2013-08-27

Nancy B Crime Solver Scope and Forensic Activity Journal The girl is laying on a green pillow on the floor looking through the scope at a piece of paper that looks like it has a picture on it and possibly some finger prints. What a great gift idea for real life learning!
Claudia wrote on 2013-07-14

I want to toy test the air pogo because it is cool and I am energetic and I am 8 years old.
Queenie wrote on 2013-07-06

That's cool. My son will love it!
LING wrote on 2013-06-27

That is awesome!

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