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This contest is now closed.
Congratulations to Nina Carlton!


TIFF kids

Celebrating its 16th year, TIFF KIDS is treating young audiences to over 115 films from 40 countries and plenty
in-between film fun from April 9 through April 21, 2013.

The Family Package Includes:

- 4 Tickets to any regular TIFF Kids film screening
- 4 Tickets to the TIFF Kids digiPlaySpace

Enter BELOW for your chance to experience TIFF KIDS!
Tell us below why you want to win!
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lisite... wrote on 2013-04-08

Every Saturday night is "movie night" in our house. My boys (8, 5 1/2, and 3) LOVE to watch movies. I used to be a huge TIFF attendee, before I had kids, though I still manage to get to something during the event. I would love to show my children the world of film, not just by sitting on the couch, but through hands on experience and the CINEMA!
nichim... wrote on 2013-04-07

I want to win the family package because I want to expose my family to the wonderful world of film, creativity and (why not?) critical thinking! My daughter is only 3 1/2 but she already has a sense for imagination, storytelling, and awareness of cultural distinctiveness. TIFF Kids is an amazing venue for letting the children soar to new heights and we would love to have access to it. I am a recent graduate, a single mother and at the moment we are going through a rough transitional period as I am still actively looking for full-time employment! So, it would really help both of us to "imagine" our possibilities.
kdecle... wrote on 2013-04-04

Trying to make a great year for my family with as many memories as we can create. My son is experiencing a difficult time at school and i would love to take him somewhere he can see what can come of nurturing someones imagination and creative spark. An experience like this would go a long way i think to supporting and encouraging his sense of wonder and enthusiasm for storytelling.
Mariana wrote on 2013-04-04

please i really want to win this tickets, since my husband lost his job we don't have too much fun!!
Sandra wrote on 2013-04-04

My son and I go to TIFF every year with Auntie Barb and cousin Tyler. It's a wonderful experience to be on the outside looking in, I would love for him to be able to experience it from the inside, wow would that memory stay with him for a lifetime!
Susie wrote on 2013-04-04

It's all about movies in our house -- great way to spend one quality time with the family!!
saima wrote on 2013-04-03

We are new to the country so I want my daughter and my son to experience some fun and want them to be happy! I really want to win these tickets for my family.
anele9... wrote on 2013-04-03

Something new to experience for my niece and nephew!
Dinalu... wrote on 2013-04-03

Love me some movies!!!!!!
Vidnar... wrote on 2013-04-03

Me and my family are glad to have had the opportunity to visit tiff last yr, I really wish we win so we can visit this year as well. We had a awesome time & we travelled a long way from our city to get to Toronto. I can't wait to see the delighted expressions on my kids faces if we are lucky to win !!!!
Hanadie wrote on 2013-04-03

The joy of films!
ocalci... wrote on 2013-04-03

My family and I are going through a rough time; I'm trying to create as many good family memories as I can to help us through this time. I'd really appreciate winning the tickets. Thank you.
malino... wrote on 2013-04-03

TIFF Kids is a great way for kids to enjoy quality animation and film from around the world. digiPlaySpace allows them to create their masterpieces. My 8 year old son would enjoy every minute .
susant... wrote on 2013-04-03

Back before I had kids I went to the Film Festival every year. This would be a wonderful way to introduce my son to TIFF, something we can enjoy now that he is a child and later when we can go in September.
rachae... wrote on 2013-04-03

The films look amazing as does the playspace. My kids (age 7 and 3) would both love this!
Renata wrote on 2013-04-03

We've been to the TIFF Kids digiPlaySpace and loved it. We think the Kids film screening will be as good as the digiPlaySpace or even better, so we can't wait to see it too!
Mariana wrote on 2013-04-03

i love to have this experience with my family, we enjoy new activities and love movies!!
mpaez... wrote on 2013-04-03

TIFF has quality movies for the children that are unavailable elsewhere.
Nina wrote on 2013-04-03

Never been to TIFF kids - I know mine would love it - both are movie buffs!
Elena wrote on 2013-04-03

We would love to have this experience!
Trupti wrote on 2013-04-03

My kids love to watch different kinds of movies. I think it's a great opportunity for our family. They gonna love it:))
amanda... wrote on 2013-04-03

tiff is an amazing place to take the kids to see a variety of different kinds of films from so many different places. We have done this in the past but have never been to the digiPlaySpace and would love to be able to bring the family back for both (fingers crossed :)
edembe... wrote on 2013-04-03

We have heard about, but never went.Free tickets would be a great introduction.
m.thel... wrote on 2013-04-03

this will be my family's first time doing this together. I think it's a fantastic opportunity for kids!!
Colleen wrote on 2013-04-03

We enjoy exploring Toronto and this is an event that we haven't participated in before!
Tanya wrote on 2013-04-03

We love doing anything together as a family. It is nice to have new experiences to introduce to the children. We promise we'll have a great time!
Monica wrote on 2013-04-03

My daughter and I went to digiPlaySpace during the March Break, and she had a great time! She vowed then and there that she wanted to return with her 3 year old sister to share with her all the cool stuff! And the kids would just love some of the films at TIFF Kids this year!
Vicki wrote on 2013-03-27

I think it is great to have my sons expereince films from different countries. It is also important to support independent film makers!
rafeen... wrote on 2013-03-27

My kids love plays and I do too.

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