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WIN a fab gift basket from Dogree Canada! Cloud B Sleep Sheep, Twilight Turtle & clothing from Sozo

Contest closed
Mary Berey et Sophie Cram

WIN a Cloud B Sleep Sheep, Twilight Turtle & clothing from Sozo from Dogree Canada.

Dogree Cloud B sleep sheep
Are you a new parent longing for some sleep? Counting Sheep? Get some sleep, baby!
A good night's sleep begins with Cloud B's Sleep Sheep. This Plush Sound Machine with Four Soothing Sounds is the perfect night-time companion to help soothe your babies to sleep in a safe, calming and effortless way.

Dogree Turtle

plus… Star light, star bright…first turtle we see tonight. Cloud B's Twilight Turtle
helps soothe children to sleep by transforming any room into a starry night sky.


Sozo...Unique, comfortable, and supper cute apparel for babies and toddlers.
Dogree Sozo

To ENTER tell us below why you're counting sheep and need Cloub B's Sleep Sheep to rescue your sleep!Learn more about Dogree Fashions

(We won't share your email address but we do need it to contact you in case you win!)


lessar... wrote on 2013-03-27

We'll we aren't sleeping well in our household. We're willing to try anything.
rafeen... wrote on 2013-03-27

I don't but my niece does, she has a new born.
Patricia wrote on 2013-03-23

I'm a moher of 3 beautiful kids and my husband and I decided no to have more kids. So, he did the vasectomy three years ago. But I'm pregnant again ( the vasectomy did not work) we are surprise but happy to welcome a new baby soon.... I believe this sleep sheep will make it easy for baby and all the family!
Isabella wrote on 2013-03-19

I adopted my son a year ago ', but that it will be' just us, but still the night can not sleep well, he loves all animals and sheep is one of his favorite animals, who knows that you do not able to sleep better in the coming months
Chelsea wrote on 2013-03-14

We're right by one of the main fire stations in the city (it moved in after we did), and it can sure get noisy and disruptive some nights, especially with little ones who love to see the firetrucks. Maybe a sleep sheep would help!
katie wrote on 2013-03-12

I'm a single mom with a wonder full little girl. she loves when I play gentle sounds on my phone at night. Sometimes I forget that I have my phone in her room and when it dies I can't find it if I forget its in there. Or I'll get a phone call and it will wake her up. I would love to have this so my little one can get a peaceful nights sleep with out my phone waking her up and with out it going dead on me. I work long and hard and I play harder and we both deserve a good nights sleep. Besides shes obsessed with lambs and it would make a great addition to her zoo themed room.
olivia... wrote on 2013-03-03

I'd love to win a sleep sheep! My 6 month old is teething something fierce and keeps the whole family up with her fussing. Maybe this can help soothe her just a little bit?

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