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This Owlkids contest is now closed

WIN Owlkids Books! Read & Review!

10 books....10 winners!

Do your kids love to read?

Owlkids books are loved by parents, teachers, librarians,

and — most importantly — kids!

We want to give you a chance to win and review some great books!

10 books...10 winners!

All you have to do is tell us what book you would like to read and review with your child and you could WIN!

Owlkids book contest

Grade 1-3

My Think-a-ma-Jink
Within an ordinary-looking brown box glows theThink-a-ma-Jink, a bizarre contraption that will allow six-year-old Jack todiscover the special power of his own imagination.


All By Myself!
All By Myself!. is a plucky tale aboutcooperation and independence told from the perspective of five baby chicks leftalone in a chicken coop for a day.


The Hilarious Adventures of Mish andMash
The Mish Mash page has long been one of the mostpopular in chickaDEE Magazine. Now this collection of more than 600 jokes,riddles, tongue twisters, and brain teasers is brought to life by two monsterbuddies - names Mish and Mash, of course.


Beware, Pirates!
In this exciting debut title, we meet our veryappealing main characters, eight-year-old Emily and nine-year-old Matt, and aretransported back in time with them to the year 1577. Matt and Emily findthemselves aboard Martin Frobisher's ship The Aid.


Grade 4-6

Inside Hockey!
This behind-the-scenes look at the good old hockeygame reveals the stories behind the sport's greatest goal scorers and craziestgoalies, its biggest jokers and most ferocious fights.


Cryptic Canada
From buried treasure to ice mummies to bootleggersto shipwrecks, curious readers need look no further than Cryptic Canada to discover seven of the country’s most engaging unsolved mysteries.


The Secret Life of Money
The Secret Life of Money uses anecdotes,comics, and a wealth of everyday connections to help young readers gain anappreciation for the myriad ways money changes, influences, and (even) betterstheir lives.


Sir Seth Thistlethwaite Seeks the Truth
In book 3 of the Sir Seth Thistlethwaite series, SirSeth and Sir Ollie find themselves in yet another land: snowy Ah Ah Kaachu, asleepy place that lives in the shadow of a giant mountain.


You Asked?
You Asked? is a collection of nearly 350 ofthe best questions sent in by years worth of OWL readers. Answers tothese intriguing questions are provided byOWL andchickaDEE'seditors and are guaranteed to amaze and inform!


Learn to Speak Dance
Learn to Speak Dance will give preteenreaders a behind-the-scenes look at the world of dance.

To Enter:

1. Tell us below what book you and your child would like to review.

2. We will announce the winner of each book and send you the book in the mail with details on how to submit your review. (short and sweet...don't panic! You're not being graded!)

3. Send us your book review!

(learn more about Owlkids book here)


(We won't share your email address but we do need it to contact you in case you win!)


lessar... wrote on 2013-03-27

My daughter is obsessed with pirates at the moment. So we'd love to review Beware Pirates from a little girl's perspective.
Nancy wrote on 2013-02-12

My 8-year son would love the book "You Asked" - he loves books of this type and often cannot put them down! Thanks for the chance to enter.
Jennifer wrote on 2013-02-02

We would love to review Sir Seth Thistlethwaite Seeks the Truth! We love mysteries, travel and learning about far away places.
Sonja wrote on 2013-01-28

First off, thank you so much to Owl Kids Books and The Kid Scoop for offering this amazing contest. This contest is a great way to promote the love of reading and writing to our younger generation. My 9-yr old son and I would appreciate the chance to read and review the book Inside Hockey! My son ABSOLUTELY loves anything having to do with hockey - the great national pastime of Canada! He has played rep hockey for 3 years now, so being able to read Inside Hockey! would not only be educational for him, but it would be a lot of fun too. Reading about the professional hockey players' stories and their journey to the NHL would be an inspirational experience for him.
Gail wrote on 2013-01-27

Jack Brooks (age 8) - Beware, Pirates!
rachel wrote on 2013-01-27

Definitely 'All by Myself'...
Addora... wrote on 2013-01-26

Think a majink she loves anything that makes her think deep Plus it would be good for her to improve her reading
carissa wrote on 2013-01-26

The Hilarious Adventures of Mish and Mash. Thank you!
G wrote on 2013-01-26

My daughter and I would really enjoy My Think-a-ma-Jink, excellent for the a child's imagination.
Allison wrote on 2013-01-26

Think-a-ma-Jink would be perfect for us to review. We know all about the wildness that ensues when you unlock your imagination!
elena wrote on 2013-01-26

The Hilarious Adventures of Mish andMash
Silvia wrote on 2013-01-24

Inside Hockey
capude... wrote on 2013-01-23

we would love to review: My Think-a-ma-Jink...thank you
wagner... wrote on 2013-01-23

We would like to review: All By Myself. (Justin and Amy)
Fan wrote on 2013-01-23

Would love The Hilarious Adventures of Mish andMash
Chelsea wrote on 2013-01-22

I'd love to win "The Adventures of Mish and Mash". It looks like a book that I and my 3 and 9 year olds could enjoy together. It would also be a great source of material for the kids I teach and tutor one on one. Sometimes it's easier to engage a reluctant reader with jokes and brain teasers than it is to get them to try reading a whole book. This is especially true for slightly older kids whose interests don't necessary match the topics of books written at their level.
boband... wrote on 2013-01-22

We would like to review The Hilarious Adventures of Mish and Mash. My 7 year old loves jokes and riddles and he has such a crazy laugh. I can just see him curled up on the couch with it laughing away!
Colleen wrote on 2013-01-22

We would like to review Think-A-Ma-Jink. It sounds very imaginative. I can barely wait to hear what is in the box. We'll predict the outcome as we read it.
C wrote on 2013-01-22

All By Myself! would be my family's first choice. Thank you!
Amy wrote on 2013-01-22

I have two fashionistas who would love to review the book "Learn to Speak Fashion" by Laura deCarufel.
ocalci... wrote on 2013-01-22

My son and I would love to read and review "My Think-a-ma-jink". He's got quite the imagination and loves to read and tell stories. Looking forward to the adventure. Orietta
marian... wrote on 2013-01-22

All By Myself! being independent and yet cooperate is something i would like my kids to learn.
Johanne wrote on 2013-01-22

We would like to review "The Hilarious Adventures of Mish and Mash."
Johanne wrote on 2013-01-22

We would like to review "You asked?".
rafeen... wrote on 2013-01-22

You Asked? My daughter is always asking me questions that I can't answer.
carina wrote on 2013-01-22

My children would love to review Cryptic Canada!!!
vardit wrote on 2013-01-22

We would love to review Cryptic Canada. Thanks!
Ida wrote on 2013-01-22

My son would love to reviews Inside Hockey, he's a huge fan!
susant... wrote on 2013-01-22

The Hilarious Adventures of Mish and Mash. My son loves telling jokes!
Cara wrote on 2013-01-22

We would love to review Think-a-Ma-Jink or the Hilarious Adventures of Mish and Mash. They both sounds fun, and my son loves to laugh!
Natasha wrote on 2013-01-22

We would like to review "You Asked?". With 2 children who are inquisitive and eager to learn more about the world around them, this book is sure to surprise, please and inform in a fun way!
sherna... wrote on 2013-01-22

The secret life of money
Elizabeth wrote on 2013-01-22

We would love to review Think a Ma Jink. Being a 7 year old brother to a one year old sister has fed his appetite for using his imagination in their play. This book would be a fun way to see how fictional characters do the same!
Tina wrote on 2013-01-22

We would like to review Inside Hockey! My son lives and breathes hockey, so to have a book on the subject would make it super interesting for him, it would encourage him to read more and that would make mommy happy! : )
Esther wrote on 2013-01-22

We would love to review Cryptic Canada. My 4th grader is one whose name means "Curious" in our native Hungarian! My First grader would love to review with me My-think-a-ma-jink. It's title reminds me of "thing-a-ma-jig", a word we often use at home when we are at a loss of the proper vocabulary.
cindy wrote on 2013-01-22

We would like to review The Hilarious Adventures of Mish and Mash. With busy schedules and routines, it is nice to take a few minutes to laugh and have fun whenever possible, bus ride, metro ride, on a walk.
shirley wrote on 2013-01-22

I would like to read and review All By Myself! I believe this book could be a good source to foster our children's independence and self esteem, 2 traits needed for the rest of their lives.

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