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WIN 2 ski passes from Rod Roy Ski School

Win 2 Adult ski tickets at Mont Blanc thanks to Rod Roy Ski School!

Hitting the slopes this season?
We’ve got 2 adult ski passes from Rod Roy ski school to giveaway.

Celebrating 50 years of winter fun, Rod Roy has been offering quality ski & snowboard programs since 1962!
Bus transportation, lift tickets at a variety of ski centres, lessons, supervision and more... check out all their ski & snowboarding programs here.

Haven’t skied Mont Blanc before? Mont Blanc is the 2nd highest summit in the Laurentians and sure to challenge you with a choice of 41 runs!
You may even think you are in the Alps!

Contest: 2 Adult Day Ski Tickets. Tickets valid until April 1, 2013.

To ENTER please tell us below why you want to win with Rod Roy 

(We won't share your email address but we do need it to contact you in case you win!)


Nancy wrote on 2013-02-12

I took my 8-year old son skiing for the first time in his life this winter, and he was a natural! He has been bugging me incessantly to hit the slopes again. I have never skied Mont Blanc and would love the chance to try it out with him! Our neighbours ski with Rod Roy and I am considering it for next year...
Jennifer wrote on 2013-02-02

I would love to try skiing! I have never tried it and every year I vow to try it with my son but I never seem to do it. This would give us the chance to try it and hopefully find a winter activity that we could enjoy since I spend every winter hibernating!
Eniko wrote on 2013-01-27

Growing up on the West Island, I remember most of my friends were Rod Roy skiers and they loved it. Now, I have first hand experience with Rod Roy, since this is the third season that my daughter has been taking the bus and taking skiing lessons with Rod Roy. She always looks forward to going and always comes back happy (even when the traffic is bad and it takes a long time to get home!). Rod Roy has been extremely accommodating over the years when we needed to exchange a Sunday for a Saturday and we have been very impressed by the service with a smile, the fabulous organization of the company, and with the individual attention that they manage to give the kids, despite the large numbers that they have. My husband and I are very busy with work and with the kids, their school and their activities, that we never seem to take the time for ourselves. It would be great to win 2 adult ski passes so that we could enjoy a fabulous day of outdoor activity ourselves. What a treat it would be! Thank you for this great offer, Rod Roy Ski School! We will keep our fingers crossed! Kind Regards, Eniko Kiefer
rachel wrote on 2013-01-27

Haven't skied in years!! Would love to get back to it especially before we start lessons for our daughter next year
vardit wrote on 2013-01-26

After being pregnant, nursing and finally breaking my foot last year, I would love to go back to skiing!
Catherine wrote on 2013-01-26

Haven't had time to go skiing since our second was born! Would love the opportunity for a romantic ski weekend with my hubby!
khaled wrote on 2013-01-26

Rod Roy has the friendliest and skilled instructors
carissa wrote on 2013-01-26

I would love the opportunity to learn how to ski, it has always been a dream of mine!
ptreng... wrote on 2013-01-26

I haven't been skiing in a long time. In fact since the kids have been born our wishes(my husband & I) haves been placed on the backburner.It would be great to get away.
Caroline wrote on 2013-01-26

Because we're debating whether to register our kids with Rod Roy next year and this contest would be a great opportunity to check out the program!
jennyj... wrote on 2013-01-25

I used to be an instructor with Rod Roy, in the late '80's!
Cristina wrote on 2013-01-24

To have the opportunity to start learning how to ski and enjoy a nice day as a family :)
Johanne wrote on 2013-01-24

Because I would love to have a chance to ski again. I haven't gone in 10 years!
Jnglop... wrote on 2013-01-22

We would love to win these passes because we love skiing as a family. I was part of the Rod Roy ski school and it was a wonderful experience. I can't wait for my kids to be old enough to join.
myongh... wrote on 2013-01-22

I want to win with Rod Roy because my kids love skiing at Mont Blanc and we heard great things about Rod Roy Snow School!
lmg-co... wrote on 2013-01-22

I would love to get me and my kids to go all ski together one day. Some of us started ski lessons already, getting there one step at a time :)
Sandy wrote on 2013-01-20

To get ski lesson with Rod Roy ski school.
Marc-Andre wrote on 2013-01-19

Because i would love to ski but don't Know how
patric... wrote on 2013-01-19

I participated in Rod Roy ski school for years and am looking forward to when my kids are old enough to join the ski school as well

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