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Put a cap on it and Win with Chaos Headwear!

Kids causing you Chaos?
Put a cap on it and Win with Chaos Headwear!

Chaos headwear

Is there chaos in your house? Well, Chaos headwear
wants to help put a cap on it!
Fun, original and unique hat designs for the kids!
Add Chaos to their heads…not your life!
We're giving away 20 kids Chaos hats.
How is chaos taking over your house?  Share your best kids chaos story
elow to Enter
and you could win a hat from Chaos!

If you WIN you agree to post a photo of your kids wearing their Chaos headwear on the Chaos facebook page.
Contest ends Jan 31, 2013
Check out more on Chaos headwear here

(We won't share your email address but we do need it to contact you in case you win!)


Heather wrote on 2013-07-06

With 3 boys, 18 months and then 19 months apart - every moment they are awake is chaos! One of my favourite ones is when I came into the basement to find them "cleaning" their toy cars - with BLEACH!!
Shirley wrote on 2013-03-05

At 15 months apart, my daughter was 22 months old and my son 7 months, when she decided to smear his hair, arms and legs with Isles Paste (thicker than zincofax!). She thought it was cream!! Instead of getting upset, I took 100 pictures and then spent the next hour trying to remove the cream off of him. Talk about Chaos!
Patricia wrote on 2013-02-23

We have 2 highly spirited awesome boys who are into just about everything. Mom and dad work full time and we have a wonderful medium of "organized" chaos! Even though everything seems like a finely timed dance somedays, living the routine is definitely chaos in itself! Love these hats, I think thekids would love them as well!
Nancy wrote on 2013-02-12

With an 8-year old boy and a 3-year old girl, 2 full-time working parents and activities 3 week nights out of 5, our life is the definition of chaos. Love the Chaos hats BTW! :)
mary wrote on 2013-02-05

Picked up my daughter at 4:30 from after school activity and went to soccer practice. My husband picked up my son and off to hockey practice. We all got home at 7:30 had dinner. Did some homework and off to be by 8:30. Boy, I am pooped!
Fan wrote on 2013-01-28

Chaos every minute, kiddos want to play, toy mess, none sleeps, kids never want to eat, adults always hungry. teddyoutready2(at)gmail(dot)com
Johanne wrote on 2013-01-28

Getting out of the house on time in the morning is certainly chaotic. No matter how prepared I am for the day ahead (laying out the clothes and making lunches the night before), there always seems to be a snag like a last minute poop or a misplaced mitten that was there just a second a go. But I guess you just have to learn to love the chaos or you will go bonkers in no time!
Catherine wrote on 2013-01-26

Coming home in the evening from my MBA classes is chaotic as much of the time my 2 young daughter's (4 yrs old and 18 months) are still up, our 6 month old puppy needs to go out and my hubby is trying to keep everything under control! Chaotic evenings on Mondays and Tuesdays!
olivia... wrote on 2013-01-26

Bedtime is chaos in our house with a whiny toddler who refuses to brush her teeth, a 5 month old who's cutting her first teeth, an excitable dog, and a pushy cat. My house is never quiet!
Caroline wrote on 2013-01-26

Chaos is when you're trying to get out of the house in the morning - your 4 year old insists on doing everything herself, your 10 year old is late for school...and your home key breaks in the lock due to the cold weather. Like all the other parents out there..EVERY DAY is chaos!
Cara wrote on 2013-01-26

Between my son, the dog, the cats and my hubby, the movement never stops in my house. My house is very small, so impossible to escape it.
Stephanie wrote on 2013-01-21

Chaos definitely describes the after-school-till-bedtime hours in our house! Three busy kids with lots of activities, homework, etc makes for lots of chaos in our house!

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