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WIN a Family 4 Pass to see Robin Hood with Geordie Productions in Montreal

This contest is now closed!
Congratulations to our winner June Pomeroy!

WIN a Family 4 Pass to see Robin Hood with Geordie Productions!

A “new-ish” take on the old tale... On December 7th, Geordie Productions will open its Mainstage season with
a large scale production the World Première of Paula Wing’s new adaptation of Robin Hood

Geordie Productions Robin Hood

Bring the entire family and join the adventure of Robin Hood in the wilds of Sherwood Forest where the most important things are friendship and honour, justice, adventure and hanging out with your friends.
A classic story that speaks to our time: An outlaw who breaks the law to be true to a higher authority:
A former rich man who robs from the rich to give to the poor.
 Join Robin, Little John, Friar Tuck, Maid Marian and the cast of Merry Men for sword fights, quarterstaff battles and great adventure.
We’re giving away a Family 4 Pass to Geordie Productions Opening Night December 7th at 7pm.
Plus a "Meet & Greet" with the Cast!

Just tell us below why you love Robin Hood for a chance to WIN.

psst....The Kid Scoop will be there so we'll meet you at the trysting tree.
Learn more about Geordie Productions and their upcoming season here

(We won't share your email address but we do need it to contact you in case you win!)


Joanne wrote on 2012-11-30

My children would be enlightened by the imagination that Robin Hood portrays. They would learn many positive messages through Robin Hood's story. Boy, would my husband and I benefit and be WOWED by their expressions.
Reza wrote on 2012-11-30

great role model for young adults. There are no lazer beams or aircrafts just a person with heart and and a consience! what a family outing this would be
Dimple wrote on 2012-11-30

Robin Hood is not your typical superhero. He's someone whom kids can actually empathize with and actually appreciate that real people can believe and do things that help!
polina... wrote on 2012-11-29

I love Geordie Productions and I'm sure this presentation is as good and fun as their other compositions!!!!
carissa wrote on 2012-11-29

Tales woven around Robin Hood symbolize the 'triumph of good over the evil', and that's why we love the story!!! We're ready, just have to put our boots on! Thanx!
Diana wrote on 2012-11-29

My kids love the imaginary play
June.p... wrote on 2012-11-29

Would be a great experience for all of us!!! Pick me, pick me!!! Plus Robin Hood has great teeth .... I'm a Dental Hygienist :)
aida wrote on 2012-11-29

Because he is courageous and he helps all the people in need.
Pardis wrote on 2012-11-29

Teaches courage and fairness to the kids
nmarto... wrote on 2012-11-29

Plays are an enriching experience for the little ones!!!
gillia... wrote on 2012-11-29

What an amazing experience for the children, and to be able to share a story that we grew up with!
Johanne wrote on 2012-11-29

I would love to intorduce this classic to my children.
sally wrote on 2012-11-29

my children love how brave robin hood is i read the storey too my kids at least 4 - 6 times a week they love it bringing them to see if in a play would blow there minds !!! my children never been to a play or concert and my oldest is 7yo then 3 1/2 and last one is 23months i hope this will be the first concert they will go see!
Lynda wrote on 2012-11-29

Love the whole theme of giving to the less fortunate
kimberly wrote on 2012-11-24

The theme at my daughters school this year is pay it forward, Robin Hood exemplifies this. I have chosen to quit my job to stay home with my two girls so please give to the poor;))
Johanne wrote on 2012-11-24

We love Robin Hood because he is so brave and clever!
Sia wrote on 2012-11-23

Robin Hood has always been a childhood favorite of mine and I would love to introduce this classic to my children!
tasha wrote on 2012-11-23

Robin Hood is a great example of the power of caring for others :)
Cindy wrote on 2012-11-23

Reminds us to do go onto others.
Julia wrote on 2012-11-22

Robin Hood is a wonderful story to tell the kids, teaching about courage, fairness, adventure, and life.
wendy wrote on 2012-11-22

I have always loved Robin Hood and it's life lessons, as a grandmother, it would be magical and healing to share this production viewing, by Geordie, with my only granchild, Aliyah, to be blessed by the message and opportunity to parlay what I have leanred from her dad, my son, to her now.......what a gift!
Lucy wrote on 2012-11-22

Robin Hood is a classic I grew up watching in awe - It's a story about a hero who helps those in need. I'd love my 9 and 6 year old to see it because it's first and foremost a play with a real cast with no CGI and all that overwhelming fabricated effects. It's a perfect opportunity for a family activity and to remind us of kindness, simplicity and love amongst 'humans'. Great message for young and old!
janeva... wrote on 2012-11-22

Taking from the Rich, giving to the Poor!
sonia wrote on 2012-11-22

because of his excellent marksmanship andswordmanship skills as well as for his social welfare program: taking from the rich ' giving to the poor. :)
linsun... wrote on 2012-11-22

I love Robin Hood because he is a brave and smart boy.
Paulet... wrote on 2012-11-22

Robin Hoods robs from the rich and gives to the poor. The poor have little to fear from Robin Hood. His enemies are the rich and corrupt. A great classic !
Chantale wrote on 2012-11-22

He robs the rich to give to the poor, nice holiday spirit! Sword fights are always fun too!
Andrea wrote on 2012-11-22

With all the Fantastic four, marvel, etc..I would love to bring my kids to see the original hero, one with values, and perfect timing just before the holidays!
nmarto... wrote on 2012-11-22

We always come back to classic stories!!!! Beautiful!!
Lyne wrote on 2012-11-22

Robin Hood championed the poor. Perfect for the holiday spirit!!!
Gab wrote on 2012-11-22

He's the original super hero living an action packed adventure; Robin Hood is awesome!
Paulana wrote on 2012-11-22

We think Friar Tuck is wonderful!
deborah wrote on 2012-11-22

If there were more Robin Hood's in the world it would be a much better place for our children to grow up in!!!
Samantha wrote on 2012-11-22

Robin Hood is a great story for boys and girls. It has it all! Injustice, bows and arrows, nature, the maid Marianne, and is one story I haven't shared yet with my kids. Their reaction would be priceless, especially my little guy...
dana wrote on 2012-11-22

Robin Hood is that super hero of the old days but for human, fun and glorious

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