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WIN a Tail-Wags Helmet Cover

WIN a Tail-Wags Helmet Cover!

Want to stop your kids from “Naked Riding” this season on the slopes?  
Kids' ski season is coming up quickly and soon our kids will be
zooming down the slopes.
But this year we know our kids will be skiing safely with the coolest helmets around thanks to Tail-Wags helmet covers!

 Win the helmet-wearing battle with your kids and make it
FUN to wear a safety helmet!


Tail Wags

We’re giving away 2 Tail-Wags helmet covers.
Enter below for a chance to WIN one helmet cover of your choice!
(does not include the Bridal helmet cover)
Just check out Tail-Wags website & tell us which one is your favourite!

(We won't share your email address but we do need it to contact you in case you win!)


jennif... wrote on 2013-02-16

My girl would love the Fairy Princess one!
Sonja wrote on 2013-01-29

Thank-you "Tail-Wags" for creating such a BRILLIANT and unique product!!! As a mother of 2 young, active children, these helmet covers would be the perfect accessory on the slopes, on the ice, on the trails, and pretty much any other athletic forum. I love that these helmet covers promote both safety & fun, and are made right here in Canada. Both of my children love the Angry Bird characters, so your "Ticked Off Bird" helmet cover is their favourite one. Thanks again Tail-Wags for adding the "cool" factor into safety!
Anita wrote on 2013-01-27

I love the piranha head cover. What a great idea to get kids to wear their helmets.
Catherine wrote on 2013-01-26

My daughter Ella would love Cleo the Cat!!
mahzabin wrote on 2013-01-26 daughter z fanatic about princess she ll definitely love...Purple princess or Fairy princess.....thank you.......:)
Allison wrote on 2013-01-26

Bones Pink for kids. My pirate would wear skiing, horse back riding, biking and probably to bed!
Caroline wrote on 2013-01-26

Bones a.k.a skull and cross bones in black or pink. For kids.
elena wrote on 2013-01-26

Lucky the Ladybug
djkkel... wrote on 2013-01-24

My daughter loves purple and princesses so whoever invented the purple princess brilliant idea. That's our choice.
Stephanie wrote on 2013-01-21

My daughter's birthday is coming up in two weeks and she would just love the Hello Kitty helmet cover!
jennyj... wrote on 2013-01-17

Gladiator!!! and we liked the Mighty Moose, too.
Marc-Andre wrote on 2013-01-17

Chantale wrote on 2013-01-03

Blaze or Bones Pink
rebecc... wrote on 2012-12-17

Lindsay wrote on 2012-12-17

So fun!! Web Master and Kitty would be the favs in my house!
Riccardo wrote on 2012-12-17

Thank you and what a great idea
luvmyb... wrote on 2012-12-16

cleo the cat! these are great! thanks for the chance, good luck everyone!
malswo... wrote on 2012-12-16

I would love to see my boys head down the slopes enjoying their winter season and staying safe :)
pennys... wrote on 2012-12-16

I think my daughter would look great with the ladybug helmet cover.
aderka... wrote on 2012-12-16

Neat idea. My grandkids would love one.
lyn wrote on 2012-12-16

my daughter would love the fairy princess!
Paulina wrote on 2012-12-16

My daughter loves the fairy princess
Paulina wrote on 2012-12-16

My daughter loved the fairy proncess
Laurie wrote on 2012-12-14

Bones Pink
Christine wrote on 2012-12-06

They are really terrific :) ... hmmm which do I like the best.... I say Angry bird and red devil (Boys) and the ladybug for me!
Christina wrote on 2012-12-06

My little stinker would love the big stinker!
ruby wrote on 2012-12-05

Purple princess for my daughter!!
Erin wrote on 2012-11-30

Bones pink please. :-)
nmarto... wrote on 2012-11-29

His choices would be either Ticked Off Bird or Blaze.
Emma wrote on 2012-11-27

My 4 year old daughter would totally rock the Fairy princess on the ski slopes this year!
cupcak... wrote on 2012-11-27

Pink Cottontail or Ticked Off Bird!
robert wrote on 2012-11-26

bones for him, bones pink for her. for the rebel family!
janeva... wrote on 2012-11-22

Le Squelette rose for my daughter!
Michelle wrote on 2012-11-21

Cléo the cat for my daughter! Thanks!!
Karine wrote on 2012-11-20

I love the " Ticked Off Bird" Thanks did not know it was existing these things :)
Nancy.... wrote on 2012-11-20

I love the Ladybug & the Princess Tail-Wags! :)
amber wrote on 2012-11-20

Bones a.k.a. Skull & Crossbones for my son and princess for my daughter

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