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Win with Hatley at the Warehouse

This contest is CLOSED
Congratulations to:
Melissa Simon
Kristy Richardson
Sylvia Cita

We're giving away 3 Gift Certificates for $50 to spend at the Hatley Warehouse sale this weekend in Montreal!
Enter below for a chance to WIN 1 of 3! Just tell us what you are looking for at the Hatley sale!
Fantastic selection of infant, kids and family PJs, great gifts, stocking stuffers and Hatley’s ever popular Rain Gear.

Contest ends November 14th, 2012 at midnght so hurry! Not much time to enter!

Hatley Warehouse sale

(We won't share your email address but we do need it to contact you in case you win!)


Shauna wrote on 2012-11-14

Love the Hatley pyjamas and socks! So great for the whole family!
Melissa wrote on 2012-11-14

HEY!!! I NEEEEEDDDD PYJAMA's for my ever growing son!!! YEAH!!!
Christina wrote on 2012-11-14

My son is just growing out of his rain boots. We will need a pair for next spring! He loves his Hatley pjs so we could always pick up some more.
Karen wrote on 2012-11-14

I just love Hatley. I'm looking to get a new raincoat and boots for my daughter. She has discovered puddles and loves jumping in them. Their PJ's are great too.
Carolina wrote on 2012-11-14

I want to get pj's and rain gear for my grandchildren. They were the best dressed with the rain gear I bought last year
Reina wrote on 2012-11-14

I am looking for pajamas, raincoats, rain boots, for my children!
patric... wrote on 2012-11-14

I'm looking for pajamas for the whole family (four kids), also t-shirts, underwear and maybe some rain gear!
Kristy wrote on 2012-11-14

Looking for some warm pjs and boots for my little one, and my husband and I. We're hoping to find some good warm christmas eve PJ's for everyone for a cute first Christmas picture!
Bianca wrote on 2012-11-14

PJs for my 2 yr old, my hubby, me and baby to be ;) and I love your boxers for men, hilarious! wrote on 2012-11-14

We are new here. Warm pajama's for my kids would be top of my list.
natasha wrote on 2012-11-14

My girls love your pjs, they are comfortable and adorable, can not wait to see what there is!
sonia wrote on 2012-11-14

As we recently moved to Montreal, we're experiencing canada's winter for the first time. My husband, my 4year old, our sweet newborn and myself need boots/jackets combos, Pj's and whatever is needed to survive the snowland fun :) looking forward to your fashionable new designs!!
sara32... wrote on 2012-11-14

I need rain gear for my 3 girls and PJs for my new baby girl!
Sylvia... wrote on 2012-11-14

I need pj's for all three kids as well as for me. Kids also need some rain gear for next Spring! Love Hatley!
JJ wrote on 2012-11-14

Definitely cute hatley PJs for my daughter, and a new rain boot and jacket combo! :-) also more of the same as gifts for my nieces and nephews.
carolyn wrote on 2012-11-14

I adore the pjs, and so do my kids! I also love the rain boots. Can't wait to see what they have this time, I never miss a sale!!!
Lisa wrote on 2012-11-14

Rainwear and pyjamas!
germayne wrote on 2012-11-14

Would love to start my christmas shopping off for my 3 year old daughter- I haven't got anything yet, eek! She needs pretty much new everything since she had a growth spurt recently, and even burst through her pyjamas like a superhero, lol.
Jennifer wrote on 2012-11-14

The sale looks awesome to start shopping for Christmas gifts for my daughters, nieces and nephew, looking for pjs, slippers, clothes, stocking stuffers...
sarah.... wrote on 2012-11-14

Desperately in need of PJs for mom, and a raincoat for my Cdn niece who lives in California! Need to keep her Cdn roots apparent and fashionable!
laurie wrote on 2012-11-14

A new raincoat and boots! She's finally grown out of her cute Elmo set. Hatley stuff is sooo durable!
andrea wrote on 2012-11-14

nmarto... wrote on 2012-11-14

Some christmas gifts to pick up for children
Tanya kidscoop wrote on 2012-11-14

Just had a baby girl so I hope to pick up some cute outfits for her.
deborah wrote on 2012-11-14

I would love to get anything girlie for my 3 yr old daughter who has lived in hand me downs from her brothers!!!
julieh... wrote on 2012-11-14

cozy pj's!
MacGregor Soccer School wrote on 2012-11-14

stuff that my twin boys can grow into - rainwear, pyjamas...
miriam wrote on 2012-11-14

Pyjamas and rainwear for the family, water bottles, kitchen aprons and winter boots!
sue wrote on 2012-11-14

I would like to have girly stuff like dolls and star war stuffs

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