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WIN Montreal Cake Show Passes

This Contest is Closed
Congratulations : Adrienne Taylor

Montreal just got Sweeter!
Montreal's 1st Cake Show & Design Competition
...KIDS are FREE!

October 27-28, 2012! This 2-day event is jam packed with some sweet activities!
Cake exhibit competition, cupcake challenge, live challenge, free demos,
Michael's Kids Zone, professionally-taught classes and more...

Montreal Cake Show

Enter below to win 2 adult tickets (kids are free)
Just tell us...How much do you LOVE CAKE!
Winner will be notified by email Friday October 26th, 2012

Nedd more details on the Cake show? Click here to find out more

(We won't share your email address but we do need it to contact you in case you win!)


Fiona wrote on 2012-10-26

I love creating, decorating and *especially* eating it all up. Cake creation combines artistry and yumminess and is always sure to please. To win a free pass would be a sweet deal - like getting to both have my cake and eat it!
nmarto... wrote on 2012-10-26

My daughter and I love baking. We'd love to be there this week-end at the Cake show and learn new stuff with my daughter. See ya!!!
Nancy wrote on 2012-10-25

I'm a cakeaholic!! I can live on Cake alone. My daughter is just like her mom; birthdays don't mean anything to her the cake is all what matters to her in birthdays!
adrien... wrote on 2012-10-25

I LOVE LOVE LOVE CAKE!!! I am a stay at home mom and have started to let my creativity out in my baking! I wish I knew how to decorate my cake and cupcakes better, however I don`t have the funds to take classes. I have a good friend of mine who would love me to help her out in her cupcake business and this weekend`s Cake Show would be an excellent way to see what`s out there and to drool over awesome designs! I also remember helping my mom icing cakes on Sundays (since we always had a special desert on Sundays) and I`ve started that tradition with my oldest son (at almost 3, he is spectacular in eating most of the icing before it even gets on the cake!!!) It would be such an opportunity to see the cakes and cupcakes in person instead of watching the Food Network all the time!!! :-D
SANDRA wrote on 2012-10-25

Cake has been part of my like ever since I was a little girl. It is the ultimate attraction at a special occasion like a birthday party or wedding and brings joy to any celebration. I love making them and like my daughter, we even love how the wonderful smell that fills the house when it is cooking... Always with a glass a milk... A little bit of Heaven :)
Elise wrote on 2012-10-24

We love our cake with a giant glass of milk and a happy smile on our icing-covered faces...especially if it's chocolate icing!!!
s wrote on 2012-10-24

I LOVE to bake. It's such a fun hobby but more importantly my special needs daughter LOVES to bake too. She watches YouTube baking shows and is always asking to learn new things. We make fun birthday cakes together from soccer balls to princess cakes and everything in between. Cupcakes are her fav's. 😊
Jeanine wrote on 2012-10-24

My sister sent me a chocolate Coca-cola cake recipe for my 40thbirthday. It was gorgeous - and that wad just the recipe! Send me and my kids to the show - it would be grand!
Bianca wrote on 2012-10-24

Who doesn't love cake!! My motto is 'Keep calm and have a cupcake' :))
laura wrote on 2012-10-24

I love cake. My son is turning 1 and unfortunately a mold doesn't exist for the theme a want to make for his birthday(his favorite book, Little Blue Truck). I would like to make him the cake and am willing to take on the challenge but do not know where to begin. Hopefully I could get some ideas at this show.
Stephanie wrote on 2012-10-24

I am a semi-professional baker and my kids are always helping me out in the kitchen. They would LOVE this show just as much as I would!
andrea wrote on 2012-10-24

Love cake decorating
Cohn wrote on 2012-10-24

I love baking and decorating cakes. I watch all the Food Network cake shows and it would be a great treat for me to see them live!
Marie wrote on 2012-10-24

Everybody has their own way to cope with stress - I bake! I love trying out new recipes. So excited they are in Mtl!
Caroline wrote on 2012-10-24

I wish i had more time to bake more often!:-)
rhoney... wrote on 2012-10-24

Oh no, just fixing a typo.. from the previous submission, Cake* fan... Sorry LOL.
rhoney... wrote on 2012-10-24

I wasn't a huge came fan until my sister "Kake" started getting fancy and creative with hers, now she is the one the whole family comes to when we need a great cake! They are ALWAYS fun, creative and tastey!! The kids especially can't wait to see what she's made next! We Love Kakes Cakes!
Ivy wrote on 2012-10-24

I do love cake, but I have a son names Max who has the biggest sweet tooth. I want the tickets so that I can take him. He is the youngest of 3 boys, a real cutey. Max would get a kick out of seeing all the cakes and maybe getting to taste test.
ruchik... wrote on 2012-10-24

We love cakes n cupcakes!! My daughter never used to like them until recently! So we celebrate with cakes every week now!!
ruchik... wrote on 2012-10-24

We love cakes n cupcakes!! My daughter never used to like them until recently! So we celebrate with cakes every week now!!
Jennifer wrote on 2012-10-24

I LOVE CAKE not just because they are delicious no matter which way but also because cakes bring memories with them. You are not just feeling with your tastes buds but also with your mind and heart. At home making cakes has always been a whole family tradition, with even dad getting involved in once making a wedding cake. So now that I have a 2 year old what better way to introduce her to the whole world of cakes (not just what I know) then with the cake show. I would be a memory to share for another generation! wrote on 2012-10-24

It's my daughters birthday next week and I am making cupcakes for her class. This has come at an awesome time. I would love to be able to get some tips and ideas. Oh...and I LOVE CAKE!!!!!
Fatima wrote on 2012-10-24

Forgot to mention my own written poem.Here it goes. Cake at this rate, hard to make.Filled with sugar is my mate.
Fatima wrote on 2012-10-24

I always make cupcake for my son & my daugther's birthday. Love to bake since Iam artistic love to learn how to make decorative icing.Wish to be there.
Sandra... wrote on 2012-10-24

Erinn wrote on 2012-10-24

I have been baking since I was 7 and even considered a career in baking because I love cakes so much!! Nothing beats that first bite of decadent cake and the look of pure satisfaction on people's faces... I love cakes and would love to learn how to make an roll fondant mmmmmm
Lillian wrote on 2012-10-24

I love cake, especially chocolate, like bees love flowers, like squirrels love nuts, like bird love sky, like surfers love waves...
Yi wrote on 2012-10-24

Love to make cakes all the time!!! This will be a great chance to learn!!!
Lisa wrote on 2012-10-24

Kristy wrote on 2012-10-24

Yum Cake! Even better is seeing all the fun designs and sculptures people make of cake!
Guy wrote on 2012-10-24

Cake fashion nugget!
Pina wrote on 2012-10-24

Love cake, could eat it all day long.

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