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G'ymagine Winning a Kids Birthday Party

Congratulations to our winner April Defalco who won a Birthday Party at G'ymagine.

Enter for your chance to
WIN a birthday party with our new friends at G'ymagine.

Take the stress out of birthday party planning and WIN a

pre-planned kids birthday party for 15 guests.

This birhtday package includes ballons, streamers, birthday cake, juice boxes, snacks, cutlery & plates, 2 hours in their birthday studio and an animator (total value of $450).

Dump all your hosting worries at the door and actually enjoy this milestone!

To enter, tell us about your most disastrous mommy moment when hosting a birthday party in the comment section below.

Dont hold yourself back because the most outrageously hilarious story wins!

(We won't share your email address but we do need it to contact you in case you win!)


Anna wrote on 2013-07-10

Ohh, I don't know about hilarious, but my son's 3rd bday was pretty disastrous, at least for me LOL. So I paid a woman who held a small entertainment center in Outremont over 350$ for 15 kids. Initially, it was supposed to be 19, but 4 of them were sick and parents cancelled at the last minute. That put the lady in the bad mood and we had to deal with it the whole evening. We were told that she has never seen such disorganized people, that we had no control over the kids who didn't want to come to the table at the time she considered was right, etc. But that didn't prevent her from networking and getting new clients our of guests. When everybody left, we still had to hear her complaints, apparently she has never seen kids cancelling in February due to sickness ! In addition to that, the cake that I made for my son, came out wet inside and to add insult to injury, my son, who used to be very shy, only played with one girl out of all the guests ! Since then, I was a bit wary to celebrate my son's bday in organized settings, but I know that he would totally love it now, that he's going to be 6. I would love to win this package !
Melanie wrote on 2012-07-04

It was my oldest son's 2nd birthday and when it came time for the cake, no one could find him. We kept calling his name and finally we heard him say, "Here I is Mama!" The voice was coming from under the table set up with all the food. We lifted the Barney tablecloth and there was Kollyn sitting on his potty going for a poop, red faced and all. He had dragged his potty under there so he wouldn't miss any action.
tina wrote on 2012-07-04

Well for my daughter's 3rd birthday we had the party at home. I was running around getting things ready and took the cake out and put it on the table to get ready to sing happy Birthday. We were dog sitting my brother 's dog and while I was putting the plates and cutlery out the dog jumped onto the table and started eating the cake. A good chunk of the cake was eaten. I was not happy!!
Kimry wrote on 2012-07-04

We are so excited at G'YMAGINE to find out who will be our birthday party winner!!! It's going to be a blast!
Shawn wrote on 2012-07-04

I haven't had any disasters for my kids birthday parties yet but I do remember a disastrous one I had when I was a kid. We invited all my friends over for my 11th birthday pool party at the apartment building we lived at at the time, only discover that the pool had been drained!!! Needless to say I was devastated but thankfully my mom managed to make it fun anyways...
cindy wrote on 2012-07-04

test test cindy
Bernadette wrote on 2012-06-28

As far as i know, i never experience a disastrous bday party for my kids because i just make it simple, celebrate with my family and friends in a restaurant or at home...
allison wrote on 2012-06-21

So imagine a beautiful July afternoon the party is ready the girls are running around in their princess dresses awaiting the arrival of the traveling puppet show. Its getting late the phone rings the puppets cant make it but a Clown can be sent instead. The decision is made to call all the Childrens parents to ask if they can stay for an extra hour so the Clown can perform and do his rounds. After several frantic calls from the now lost Clown all of the childrens parents have arrived. After some stalling I am now at about plan 35 for the party the kids are cranky there is no cake left and the parents are making motions to take their kids and run. When finally a colourful van pulls in the driveway everyone cheers and I think hurray joke and ballons while the kids are on their way out not so bad.....We all see the clown and wave the door opens and the Clown who by this time is looking and smelling like he has been enjoying Canada Day way too much falls out of the van and onto the ground. At this point I am praying its part of the act but in my heart I know the clown is drunk and he is not getting up off the pavement. At this point my husband brings tipsy the clown into the kitchen for coffee and I catapault into the van find a wig and start handing out balloons. I looked around the kids were worried about the clown but happy to see the ballons the parents were doubled over with laughter.So everyine left with a smile and to this day no one remebers that the puppet show got cancelled!! Allison
Anna wrote on 2012-06-20

We had a drum party for my four year old daughter and the noise from the drums was too loud for a couple of kids... so much that they left the party. Also, we forgot party favors at home, but we decided to give everybody an additional piece of cake to take home (we wrapped each piece on the plate), so it turned out ok.
adrien... wrote on 2012-06-19

I don't really have any disastrous moments yet (my oldest is 2 and my youngest just turned 1) however, I know from having hosted their last birthdays at my house, doing the cleaning beforehand and making sure of the refreshments and food are ready and allergy free...well...that takes alot of energy. So, having a pre-made party just for me (yes yes, I know it's for our kids...but it's for us as well, right?) would take loads off my shoulders (and I would be able to keep my manicure fresh and not have it wash off while cleaning!) :-D
alison wrote on 2012-06-19

I hosted my daughter's 6th birthday party theee days after having gallbladder surgery! How's that for planning?! I was all doped up as a sat there, smiling vaguely as people walked past. Thank goodness my husband was there!
cathy wrote on 2012-06-19

My daughter is only one, so we didn't really have a chance to have a disastrous birthday yet. But for this year, I can promise to have a disastrous party planned if I am promised to win this prize!
MARIA wrote on 2012-06-19

Forgot the cake at home
Cara wrote on 2012-06-19

Had an outdoor birthday party for my son and the wasps thought they should join in on the fun!!! I was so terrified that someone would get stong it made it the worst day ever for me, the rest seem to have had a good time and fortunately, none of the children got stung, my sister and my mom did however.
eric wrote on 2012-06-19

This is a disastrous daddy moment about my son's 7th birthday party whch was also the first party with school friends. We booked a "reputable" party place for 11:00am, 3 days before the party they called to confirm the party for the week after, after arguing that it was for the up coming weekend, the said there was only an availability for 10am. We accepted that and got hold of everyone about the time change. The day of the party, not only did an employee only show up at 10:10, once we got inside they said our reservation was for 11am (our original time)and did not have a party room available for us until then. We complained about the unprofessionalism and the only compensation they offered was a free pinata but didn't once say sorry for any of the inconveniences. Unfortunately we were at the will of the establishment because can you refuse their services when you're there with the kids all excited and ready to play.
Aga wrote on 2012-06-19

It would have to be my son's 5th birthday party. The place where the party was hosted forgot the pinata (something that all the kids were asking about and were looking forward to).
Catherine wrote on 2012-06-19

Worst mommy moment hosting a birthday party would have to be my eldest son's 4th (now 12) Birthday and I forgot to write our phone number so the invitations. Yikes Needless to say, there wasn't a very big turn out :(
Claudia wrote on 2012-06-19

Hosted a home birthday party for my 8-yr-old son. Unable to find a piñana shaped like a soccer ball, we decided to make one of papier maché, which was so hard none of the kids wanted to kick it! LOL! We ended up carving it with a knife to help it along. At least they enjoyed all the goodies!
Julie wrote on 2012-06-19

When my son was 3 (he is now 7), we went to a fabulous birthday party at a friend's house. There was lots of candy, games and even an egg decorating craft since it was close to Easter. He was having a grand old time until it was time for loot bags and he fixated on the one toy that he did not get. The birthday girl got that toy and refused to give it to her. What did he do being a boy? He clocked her in the head! I was devastated! Happily, we're all still friends and it is a story that embarasses both kids!
April wrote on 2012-06-19

My most disastrous mommy moment...? A perfectly fine birthday party BBQ ending with my then 3 year old daughter and her best four year old girlfriend having a peeing contest. IN MY HALLWAY. I didn't think girls did that! Good lord. Lol.
carolyn wrote on 2012-06-19

Can you imagine anything better than a birthday party that 'takes care of itself'? I guess that would be having it for free!!!

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