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All In A Name Contest: A chance to WIN $300

We're helping a Scoop friend that wants to start talking fashion, eh?
Shopping, Fashion, Beauty, Tip & Tricks for Canadian women.
But it's all in the name. ...and they don't have one yet.
That's where you come in.

"It's All In A Name Contest" let's you pick the new domain name. What's a domain name?
No, it's not a pet name Christian Grey gives you (What! You haven't read the book yet?)... it's a website name.

What you need to do to Enter:
* Be creative and think of a name that evokes Fashion, Beauty and Shopping in Canada.
* Check online to see if the domain name is already taken.
BOTH .COM & .CA NEED TO BE AVAILABLE. We suggest using the search on's easy.
* Submit your suggested domain name below.
* If your name is chosen and we buy the domain... you WIN $300.

Get Creative, Get Canadian, eh?! Click to Enter NOW

(We won't share your email address but we do need it to contact you in case you win!)


Debra wrote on 2012-11-14

Sorry Kid Scoop, all my suggestions are all together. It is hard to read them and to know when one suggestion stops and the other begins. Hopefully this time it will be easier to see. Have a good day!! 1)Fashion Shop Talk, 2) All Fashioned Up, 3) Enchanted Fashion, 4) Fashion Anyone , 5)Its all in fashion, 6) Scoop's world of fashion , 7)KidsScoop fashion, 8) Fashion according to scoop, 9) Fashion according to kidscoop
Debra wrote on 2012-05-31

Here are some suggestions that are all free in both .ca, .com, .org , .net Fashion Shop Talk All Fashioned Up Enchanted Fashion Fashion Anyone Its all in fashion The world of fashion Scoops fashion Fashion according to scoop

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