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Win Wedding Wear with Us Angels and Appaman: from Dogree Fashions

This contest is now closed.
Congratulation Julie Comtois & Anita Bhat
Win Wedding Wear from Dogree Fashions!

Dogree wedding wear

Flower Girl?  Ring Bearer? Or are you taking your kids to a wedding this year?
Make sure your kids are glowing in the chapel with kids wedding fashion from
Us Angels and Appaman apparel for kids!

We're giving away 2 kids wedding outfits courtsey of Dogree Fashions.

For the Gorgeous Girls: 1 Blush dress (12 months to 14 years)
For the Beautiful Boys: 1 Appaman suit ( 6month to 8 years old)

Enter below...
Just tell us girl or boy and your best tip for keep kids entertained at weddings!

Need to know where to buy your kids wedding clothes? 
Dogree's got the scoop
Contest closes May 31, 2012

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jennifer wrote on 2012-06-08

I have two kids both active and sensitive, i make sure i have a fun pack with things like playdough, stickers, puzzles, and some active things too like a skipping rope, who says large dance floors are just for dance(get permission first and have lots of room). doing my own wedding now i making sure the kids get kid food and or served first, have fun packs and a entertainer(over 10 kids),are included to their ability in the wedding, and have cupcakes available for the children.i love the idea about kids and photos i will include that. anything great idea is for long wedding having a toy box, juice boxes and snacks and a nap area for babies.(who wants a screaming baby.)
Stephanie wrote on 2012-05-29

I have three kids and two weddings coming up. A backpack of non-messy activities is always useful - eg: sticker activity books, Colour wonder markers, books, Bendaroos or Wikki Stix (waxy sticks that can be shaped into anything). Also, for the very little ones, bit sized foods that can be popped into their mouths during the ceremony might keep them still (eg: raisins, Cheerios, etc). Let the kids snap some photos of all the action, using your iphone, digital camera, or even their own Fisher Price digital camera. I would also get them excited before hand by practicing some dance moves, or teaching them some traditional dances that may be featured at the wedding, so that they will be eager to participate!
Julia wrote on 2012-05-27

Having three children and attending a wedding can get pretty expensive - this would come in very handy this summer! My best tip for keeping kids busy at a wedding would be to bring a small bag of activities. Books, coloring pages, crayons, and playdough all come in handy!
julie wrote on 2012-05-27

my youngest girl loves wedding so much that i don't really have to do anything to keep her entertaining but for other kids, usually a book to color would do the trick for a while
nicole... wrote on 2012-05-25

My daughter is 4 1/2 years, it is full of life. My suggestion is to take our children to make a table for them with creative activities.
Sonia wrote on 2012-05-25

I havr a 7 year old boy. The best entertainment is running around and playing with other kids. At the end of the night they end up falling asleep on side by side chairs like we used to do!
Theresa wrote on 2012-05-25

I have a 3 year old and he'll be going to 3 weddings this year!!! one of my many tricks I have to keep him entertained (especially at the ceremony): he takes his digital camera and I ask him to take some nice pictures of the bridal party and the family... it makes him proud too
Sdimau... wrote on 2012-05-25

I have 2 boys! Here are my tips for keeping the kids entertained. 1. Bring an activity backpack with all their favourite things: games, crayons and paper, books, etc. 2. When they connect with other kids the backpack is a great ice breaker to encourage more fun: dancing, playing hide and seek, trying new foods, etc. 3. Tell them ahead of time that we will play high/low after the party: What was your high point? What was your low point? So that throughout the wedding they are present while enjoying!
Anita wrote on 2012-05-18

My 5 year old would look too adorable in an appaman suit! The best thing to keep kids entertained at weddings especially during long ceremonies is a smart phone or tablet. It will definitely keep them entertained and quiet!
Leah wrote on 2012-05-08

Id love to win this suit for my lil man! have a wedding June 20th...Keeping my fingers crossed :)

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