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Appaman - Do you have a Cheeky Monkey? Enter to win $100 of cool clothes.

Congrats to our 2 winners!
Laurie Barkun & Amna Chishty
Their cheeky monkeys will be
hip and cool just in time for summer with Appaman!

Do you have a "cheeky monkey" that would love a bunch of new clothes in time for summer? Dogree Fashion Ltd. is bringing NYC style & swag to your home by giving away TWO "street chic" prize packs to your kids for summer
...each worth $100!


Enter for the chance to WIN one "street chic" Spring/Summer Appaman package!

To enter, simply tell us which team you're on - Boys OR Girls - and what makes your kid have so much "swagger"?

For all you moms who are still "fresh-men" at the "School of Cool"...


Swagger is the confidence exuded as a reflection of ones dress, shoe game, attitude, and how one handles a situation.

(Contest ends March 31, 2012. Open to Canadian Residents. Dogree will select assorted prize pack relevant to child's gender and age)

check out where you can buy Appaman products


(We won't share your email address but we do need it to contact you in case you win!)


allan.... wrote on 2012-04-05

Boy's team, my little one does not go out unless he is nicely dressed...He wants to chose the clothes his way!
Emma wrote on 2012-03-29

Girls Team!!! I've got two cheeky girls at home!!!
Doaa wrote on 2012-03-26

My little 4 year old girl's got so much swagger, yesterday at the dinner table, with my parents around, she told us her fav dance style was "freestyle"! - D
Christina wrote on 2012-03-19

Boy's team! My cheeky little monkey has his own style and strong opinions about it. It is not uncommon that he will change outfits several times a day.
Lauren wrote on 2012-03-19

We play for both teams! Our daughter loves her twirly skirts but doesn't like to be too "girly". Our son must try on his new duds as soon as they arrive - loves his graphic Ts and cargos and definitely rocks his "skinny" jeans!
Janet wrote on 2012-03-18

I am DEFINITELY Team BOY!!!! My two boys have sooo much swagger! My oldest's swagger stems from his long hair! My youngest's swagger comes from his adorable dimples! He knows how cute he is! As well, The Force is with both of my boys. They get their swagger from the confidence of being Jedi Knights!!!
Anita wrote on 2012-03-17

Team girl for sure! Just last week my 2 year old insisted on wearing hot pink tights with purple shorts, a pink shirt and her red boots. I couldn't do or say anything to change her mind. I was mortified, but she got tons of compliments! Swagger she has.
electr... wrote on 2012-03-16

It's tough to pick one team over the other, but in my household, I'll have to go with "Team Boys". My player picks his daily outfits on his own, right down to the colourful socks. He's ready for any activity: playing with his little sis, outdoor playground, or getting engrossed in a really good book. He's my handsome young nerdy boy!
electr... wrote on 2012-03-16

It's tough to pick one team over the other, but in my household, I'll have to go with "Team Boys". My player picks his daily outfits on his own, right down to the colourful socks. He's ready for any activity: playing with his little sis, outdoor playground, or getting engrossed in a really good book. He's my handsome young nerdy boy!
Jackie wrote on 2012-03-16

We are on team "boy". My just turned two year old already has a lot of swagger-he often wont leave the house without wearing a hat (he likes to change up his look and so we have a variety of summer and winter hats-probably more than 20). He also asks me for his "glasses" (sunglasses) because he knows they look cool on him. It makes me laugh every time! We were recently in Florida and he was wearing a one piece bathing suit (shorts and a 3 quarter length tee), and his hat and sunglasses. People kept stopping us and telling us how "cool" he looked-it elicited quite a few smiles....
freckl... wrote on 2012-03-16

My daughter is five years old and she definitely has style and swagger. She loves all things "streetdance" She will bust out singing all the words to "Can't Touch this at the Bus Stop", and then throw in a should move or two. She puts all the patterns and colours together and then will pick out the perfect accessory to finish off the look, like polka dot bobby socks, or a hat turned to the side. The thing that pulls it all off, (and together) is her confidence. True meaning of swagger right there! Jennifer
Melanie wrote on 2012-03-15

Definitely team GIRL. My 8 year old daughter is a complete tomboy and is just now starting to develop her own swagger! Nothing that I would wear, LOL but hey ;) If swagger is a reflection of your style and the confidence & attitude, then she's got the SWAGGER & MOVES LIKE JAGGER (I had too) She is VERY picky with her clothes therefore does not have alot of them and ends up wearing the same ones over & over. All my friends have boys so I only get boy hand me downs.... so this prize would be GREAT!
Heidi wrote on 2012-03-15

Team Boyz for sure! 10 yr old who rocks his own style and has since he's a toddler!
mandym... wrote on 2012-03-15

Hi, I'm on the boy team as I have three boys aged 2, 3 and 10. My husband refers to the boys as his little monkeys and these guys love to look good in cool stuff... Mandy
mpalma... wrote on 2012-03-15

I'm on the girls team. My Saidie is only 15 months and is able to get every stranger on the street to smile and transmit to them her sparkle for life!
deborah wrote on 2012-03-15

Hi my name is Samantha, I juust turned six. My mom saya I'm a Cheeky Monkey who's growing so fast...think I should cut back on the bananas? Or better....get a new wardrobe? Mmmm... Love those bananas! Looking forward to sporting some new togs this season! xoxo ;) Sam.
Marisol wrote on 2012-03-15

Boy and girl, the perfect match! My 16 month girl is so enthusiastic when going for shopping, looking at all clothes, touching, and trying wathever she can! My 3 1/2 year old boy loves 'buying' clothes for the entire family!
Jae-Seon wrote on 2012-03-15

I have Team boys and Team girl here! Joe, 6yrs when he wears outfit his sister,Jasmine 4yrs, always nag him to wear COOL STUFF!! Even the baby bro who just turned 9mons.^^ HELP US!
Shauna wrote on 2012-03-15

It's all about the boy's team here. My eldest son, Owen, was recently heard telling his 3 year old brother "I'm 6 now, Cole. That almost a teenager. Besides, I wear cool things now, like the 8 year olds wear." How do you spell swagger? O-W-E-N. I can't keep on top of it, so please help me. :P
Betty wrote on 2012-03-15

I've got both, girls team and boys team please! Betty
Shawn wrote on 2012-03-15

Boys team x2!!
Dahlia wrote on 2012-03-15

Team boy X2!
Renee wrote on 2012-03-15

Team BOY. My 3 1/2 year-old rocks an "air cello-violin-guitar" to JB, MJ or 2 cellos, and loves to get dressed up for his show!
Renee wrote on 2012-03-15

Team BOY. My 3 1/2 year-old rocks an "air cello-violin-guitar" to JB, MJ or 2 cellos, and loves to get dressed up for his show!
Christine wrote on 2012-03-15

Team boy times two!
Reza wrote on 2012-03-15

How about tag team twins! I have a boy and a girl who are rockin' the twos! one is bustin' a move watching the Beib's , and the other is a real MJ wanna be ( Michal Jackson that is) they are the true defs of double the trouble and love doing so in style!
Caroline wrote on 2012-03-15

I'm on both teams because of my 3 year old daughter and my 14 month old son. Chloe has swagger because she's cool as a cucumber. She loves to sing and she's always on the RUN!!! Evan has swagger because he has NO FEAR and he just goes for it!!! They both LOVE to DANCE and my life is so much more FUN because of them!!!
Beatriz wrote on 2012-03-15

Go Girls!!! My girl is so much fun to be around, she loves to dance, dress up and play as much as she can! Clothes and shoes are her favorite gifts, and she is only 4!!! :) Love to be her mom!
Erika wrote on 2012-03-15

TEAM GIRL. My 2 1/2 year old daughter is way swaggerlicious. She doesn't leave home without her scarves, fedora hats, vintage sunglasses and cheeky smile!
Ruth wrote on 2012-03-15

TEAM GIRL! My two daughters both have swagger, which just comes naturally because they are smart, loveable, exuberant, and talented kids who know what they like and wear it with flair.
Julie wrote on 2012-03-15

My little guy (team boy though I also have a team girl) definitely has his own style - he refuses to cut his hair loving the shaggy look. We've actually called him Monkey since I was pregnant with him since he was born in the year of the Monkey!
adina.... wrote on 2012-03-15

Team boy X 2! I have 2 boys, and they know what is stylish and what is cool! The want to look hip for their friends! I often have to show my 3.5 year old several choice until he finds one who loves and wants to wear!
divaal... wrote on 2012-03-15

Team Boys . My son loves monkeys, his name is Wolf and his best friend is a little toy called monkey mickey. he gest very excited when he wears anything with monkey prints.
Catherine wrote on 2012-03-15

Team “GIRL“ ALL THE WAY! I have a 4 year old (she wears size 5) and a 8 month old little girl. My 4 year old already picks out her own outfits and she actually does a fab job mixing and matching!
rebecc... wrote on 2012-03-15

Team Boy (tho I have one monkey of each kind) They dress themselves very uniquely and that gives them loads of swagger
dtraca... wrote on 2012-03-15

Team "Girl" - one 2 1/2 year old sweet little princess, who wants to get dressed all by herself :-)
Shari wrote on 2012-03-15

Team "Boys" definitely. I have a 6 year old who is very particular about what he likes/doesn't like, and his tastes change from week to week! But he is quite sure of himself and recently told me when I questioned about something "Mama, that's just how we roll in kindergarten"! :)
May wrote on 2012-03-15

I'm on the boys' team ! The photo of the girls in the outfits are TOOO pink ! The boys's clothes are definitely cooler. Both of my kids are the 'too cool for school' type.
cpatte... wrote on 2012-03-15

Girl's team! My little munchkin is 2 1/2 and she loves her clothing!
Jennifer wrote on 2012-03-15

I have 2 cheeky monkey girls and 1 cheeky money boy. They can be handful, they each are very different, but are all opinionated and have their own unique way of dressing. They love new clothes and they love to be very independent. I would have to be on the GIRL team for sure
Marie-Christine wrote on 2012-03-15

girls' team!
starr7... wrote on 2012-03-15

BOTH! I've got 2 cheeky monkeys with way more swagger than their parents!!! They have a style way more cool and they actually match(not like their dad).
s wrote on 2012-03-15

BOYS!! A 7 year old who knows what he likes and doesn't like; can be helpful and frustrating at the same time!
Melissa wrote on 2012-03-15

I have one cheeky monkey and therefore I am on the boys team! He's a big go getter and likes to dress himself in fun hip clothes.
rachel wrote on 2012-03-15

girl's team!!! She's a swaggerlishish 2.5 yr old!!! Expecting her new baby brother in 2 weeks so she's already planning what to dress him in
Anne-Laure wrote on 2012-03-15

Boys team - my 7 year old son seems to be sick of hearing he is the smallest in his class: growth spurt of 2 inches in like 2 months! Still is the smallest... Very street chic classy monkey.
melissa wrote on 2012-03-15

I have two cheeky monkeys.... So I'm on both teams boys an girls!!!! My oldest,a girl Just loves putting together her own outfits and accessories!!!
libbyb... wrote on 2012-03-15

Boys team - he dresses better than his parents! But he won't stop growing, so we'll need new chic clothes for summer.
Tamar wrote on 2012-03-15

missie... wrote on 2012-03-15

I have 2 cheeky I will have to be on both the boys and girls teams!!! Both are amazing and smart kids! Both have smiles that would melt your heart!!
Ruba wrote on 2012-03-15

Boys team , he is 11 very active, enegrgetic kid, and smart. Loves sports and always ready for any activity, I can barely keep up with him.
laurie wrote on 2012-03-15

Girls team! I have one stylin' 2 year old and another on the way! I am sure big sis' style will rub off on little sis :)
Amna wrote on 2012-03-15

Team Boys! My sons 5 and 7 have Swagger to the max, they dress cool, each with his own style. They are very aware of what they like, while one loves his hyp superman hoodie combined with a cape, the other looks cool in his angry bird t-shirt and blue jeans.
Cindy wrote on 2012-03-15

Girls team - Two very different Cheeky Monkeys. One turns 13 today!!! and one will turn 11 on April fools day. My younger cheeky monkey has a style all her own, she puts together some outrageous outfits. Her teacher tells her she is very original!! It is very interesting to see. My older monkey is very stylish but a much tamer monkey!!! They are both amazing young ladies.
Janet wrote on 2012-03-15

We are on both teams! Boys and girls...both roar like dinosaurs and play dress up....they are the collest kids in the universe!
jackie wrote on 2012-03-15

Girls Team. My daughter has a style all her own, and a sweet disposition too go with it.
dayna_... wrote on 2012-03-07

Boys team! Dennis the Menace attitude + a smile that could makes you forgive & forget!
Bassem wrote on 2012-03-05

my boy is 5 years old, he dreams all the time about spiderman and ironman and he tells me many stories that i've never thought about and he makes me laugh all the day at work when i remember his stories
Tiziana wrote on 2012-03-05

Team daughter Skye likes to rock to Joan Jett and Pat Benatar on her Paper Jamz guitar while wearing her rock inspired clothes with a touch of pink. She is 6, outgoing and the leader of the pack.
carolyn wrote on 2012-03-05

Team 5 year old has decided she will marry Justin Beiber, but will be way cooler than he is! She acknowledges that he has 'girl hair' and thinks she can improve anyone's style!
Andrea wrote on 2012-03-05

Team boys, although my daughter can bring her cool! My son Evan is the definition of cool swagger, with his "leather" bracelets and necklaces, his skinny green and red jeans, his flowy curly hair, and of course his aviator glasses, he is his own swagger style! And to add to that, he loves to shop!
sally wrote on 2012-03-05

im on boys teams lol they tend to lay it straight and cool!!!!! my kids dresses pretty wicked at time spiked hair attitude to the macs with his siblings but got but got swagger cool attitude with MOM!!!

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