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Want to get into Justin Bieber's pants?

Someone got into Justin's Pants.
Congrats to Francine Gallant and her daughter Gabriella ! A true Belieber!
Justin Bieber winner

Are You a Belieber?
We’re thinking “baby, baby, baby YES!!!”

We’re giving our Scoop “Belibers” a chance to win a pair of jeans owned by “the Biebs” himself! A true piece of Canadian history!
With a certificate of authentication, Bieber has personally given these jeans his seal of approval.
So whether you still fit into a pair of ‘boy’s jeans” (we’re not friends if you do) , who wouldn’t  want to own an article of clothing owned by the young heartthrob and be Bieberlicious themselves.

Justin Beiber

How to Enter to WIN!
Tell us why you think you can “Rock Bieber’s jeans”. Plus if you are on facebook and share this contest with your friends  we’ll enter you twice!  That doubles your chances to get into Justin Bieber’s pants
Contest ends May 6th so spread the Scoop. Giveaway open to Canadian residents.

(We won't share your email address but we do need it to contact you in case you win!)


Francine wrote on 2012-06-05

OMG, this is really awsome, thank you so much Kids Scoop, my daughter is really happy
Francine wrote on 2012-05-04

My daughter Gabriella is such a big fan of Justin Bieber. She is 8 years old and considers him to be the Elvis Presley of our times. Everything in her room is Bieber and her favorite color is…you guessed it, purple, like Justin  Even though she has participated in many contest, she has not been very lucky, to be honest, she never wins anything. This would really make her day… mine too  Thank you for considering my daughter’s entry for this contest
forlin... wrote on 2012-03-18

omg i dont think i could but my son is an athelete and has the legs to wear them!!!
shantelle wrote on 2012-03-11

i do not think i could rock justins jeans but my daughter could / as she loves justins music and sings his songs to a tee word for word she be great for rocking his jeans right off ----
Melissa wrote on 2012-03-06

I don't personally think I can rock his jeans but my daughter sure can! Plus, I would donate them to charity to raise money for my favorite cause.
Melissa wrote on 2012-03-06

I don't personally think I can rock his jeans but my daughter sure can! Plus, I would donate them to charity to raise money for my favorite cause.
nicole... wrote on 2012-03-05

La vedette de nos jeunes est Bieber
Andrea wrote on 2012-03-05

My son Evan, is SO cool, he is now into the colored skinny jeans, and has long flowy hair which he is growing out to be able to push it to the side, " a la Justin"! He would do the jeans good! He also loves to perform for us, singing and dancing!
sally wrote on 2012-03-05

I want to give my daughter something to cause her Bieber fever to go through the roof. She is madly in love with this bieber that she listen to his music everyday,and to have a pair of his pants on her wall with her friends, singing BABY BABY BABY OOOOHHHH OMG she has a real pair of bieber jeans she is the coolest I would love to see all the kids face glow with joy for my daughter!!!
Debra wrote on 2012-02-20

Before even going on...I know I am cool. I know Beiber is written Bieber. My daughter would be so impressed...just with that!!! Imagine if I won....OMG!!!! You threw out a question to Scoop fans everywhere. It was “Can you rock Bieber Jeans”. The answer is quiet simple. I am a mom and we moms can rock anything even Bieber jeans. Well, I’ll be honest my waist isn’t what it use to be. Those jeans probably wouldn’t get past my knees but I’m okay with that. This isn’t about me; I’ve had my fair share of crushes and had Teen Beat pictures all over my walls in my room when I was a kid. This is about my beautiful daughter and her crush and dream. She, like most girls and maybe some moms, lets face it Justin IS cute….can’t go there….21 is my limit baby. My daughter would finally think I was a cool mom….I keep telling her I am but she’s just not buying it. I would go down in history as the ultra hip mom of all time. There maybe even a parade or a day named in my honor if I won these Bieber jeans!!! Bieber jeans, on the wall in your bedroom is quite a step up from your regular picture in a magazine wouldn’t you say! My daughter has given me the greatest gift of all. I am honored and proud to be her mom. Now I want to give her something to cause her Bieber fever to go through the roof. Holla I am a Belieber baby !! Deb

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