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Change Lingerie $200 Shopping Spree

We have a WINNER!!
Congratulations to Susan Small who can now go on a shopping spree at Change Lingerie and bury her old bras!
With an amazing fitting service and so many styles to choose from, we know Susan and her friend are going to find the perfect bras!
Have fun!
(btw... you guessed it, this contest is closed)

Tell us honestly.  How long have you owned the bra you have on right now? 
If you're singing "Do your boobs hang low? Do they wobble to and fro"
... then YOUR BRA IS DEAD!

Change Lingerie Valentines

Change Lingerie wants you to bury that old bra and get yourself to
Change Lingerie and support your girls properly in time for Valentine's Day!

Tell us why you need to bury your bra and we'll send you and a friend on
a $200 shopping spree!  That's $100 each to spend at Change Lingerie!
Sexy, Stylish and a Sure Fit, Change Lingerie has over 90 bra sizes,
a FREE fitting service and affordable prices that will change your tune and have you saying "Bra-vo"!
ENTER below for a chance to WIN!

(contest ends Feb 9th, 2012. Open to Canadian residents)

(We won't share your email address but we do need it to contact you in case you win!)


shantelle wrote on 2012-03-11

i love to look my best and feel my best -- as i want to be a lady no more kids stuff iam older and should feel like a woman
Hilary wrote on 2012-02-11

Tired of wearing sports bras and yoga tops and nursing bras b/c they are child safe. Now I want something mommy-safe (and daddy-dangerous) to celebrate. Instead of beaver-tails, I want sunshine boobies! C'mon Change. Momma needs a new pair of 'girls'!!!
rhonda... wrote on 2012-02-09

Changes makes your girls look amazing. I could not believe the difference. Once you try one on you'll never put on that old dingy bra again. They make you look fabulous!!!!
caitie... wrote on 2012-02-09

I only have 2 bras that really fit at the moment (both Change!) I lost a bit of weight recently and my others are loose in the band now.
Jennif... wrote on 2012-02-09

I only have 4 Bras 3 of them from change had for more than a couple years now. Seeing as change is the only place I shop and I am a student I am only able to make a purchase every so often. Furthermore, some of them are starting to pill, stretch, loose elasticity and loosing weight doesn't help either. This opportunity is a great chance for some real change,if you know what I mean. Thanks!!
eh0mah... wrote on 2012-02-09

I've gained weight and none of my bras are comfortable or properly supportive anymore.
Lelesi... wrote on 2012-02-09

I've Lost over 60lbs in the last year and am finally at my goal weight. Yay! Unfortunately that means that the bras I bought 3 months ago don't fit anymore...need new ones!!
taniav... wrote on 2012-02-09

I need some new pregnancy and nursing bras are SO unflattering. Not to mention unsupportive :(
landre... wrote on 2012-02-09

*shame* 2 years...
donnal... wrote on 2012-02-09

When I was pregnant I went and got measured for a new bra, stood in the changing room with my top off and feeling horrible self conscious of my stretch marks, the assistant came in and tutted at me. She turned me around, shook her head and took out her tape measure then as I was stood there with my arms spread she said "well I guess it' good you're pregnant, maybe once you've had this baby you'll lose this back fat." I was mortified. My son is 2 and a half now and I haven't been brave enough to go back. I have no idea what my bra size is, I'm wearing the same bras as the day I got measured, the straps fall down and the cups are too big but I don't want to stand there at my most vulnerable and be told I'm fat again.
kendra... wrote on 2012-02-09

I need a CHANGE. My life has been full of change lately, and this would be a positive change that I need to experience.
Nadia wrote on 2012-02-09

I still have my pregnancy bras... lol... let's just say I am in need of a good fitting!! I heard that Change offers excellent service and a great selection that actually fit properly... Fingers are crossed. Thanks The Kid Scoop!!! :)
Tamara wrote on 2012-02-09

I have two words for you: Sports Bra -and I am no athlete. I have been living in these 10 year-old, faded and stretched bad boys because I was discouraged from years and years of buying bras that were uncomfortable and didn't fit properly. Please rescue me from a life of "uniboob". Thank you!
Tamara wrote on 2012-02-09

I have two words for you: Sports Bra -and I am no athlete. I have been living in these 10 year-old, faded and stretched bad boys because I was discouraged from years and years of buying bras that were uncomfortable and didn't fit properly. Please rescue me from a life of "uniboob". Thank you!
nicole... wrote on 2012-02-07

J'aimerai bien gagner le prix, changement de lingerie me fairait bien plaisir.
julie wrote on 2012-02-07

I use my bras until they are loose and don't fit anymore...and sometimes i still use them again after that because it's a pain to find one that fits me well
Shirley wrote on 2012-02-05

My bras were so old they were loose and totally stretched out! I finally went out to buy one that fit but I need more!!!
jesslo... wrote on 2012-02-05

The bra i'm wearing right now is 8 years old! Its lose, torn and ripped up, has a pin holding one strap and has absolutely no support! I've been in a lot of pain lately on the sides of my breasts. Doctor says i need a good supportive bra! They are starting to sag, hang low and do wobble to and fro lol! I'd really really appreciate a new bra and i'm sure my husband would too! Thanks so much!
sara32... wrote on 2012-02-01

Im pregnant and no bras that I have fit me - They are all too tight or not enough support.
rortal... wrote on 2012-01-31

Would like some interesting lingerie for my girlfriend!
Ann wrote on 2012-01-31

Two years clear of breast-feeding my third child, I'm back to the bras I owned before my FIRST child was born, with all elasticity washed out long ago. I'm tired of trying to find 32B in something that wasn't designed for a perky 19 year-old and can offer support to "mom-boobs".
rhoney... wrote on 2012-01-31

I've been wearing the only bra that fits these lowriders now! It has a broken wire! Ouch!! I think it must be at least 6 years old. All my other bras, my boobs pop out of the top!
Bassem wrote on 2012-01-30

change to have more exciting tome
Nancy wrote on 2012-01-30

Not only are all my wires poking through... I am 40 yrs old!! If that is not reason enough, not sure what is!! ;)
tzales... wrote on 2012-01-30

Bra? Not wearing. Don't wear most days. Last time, I bought some in the junior's section, but sadly, the straps were far too short and my 2 "little girls" warped into 4 "really little girls". Yes, seriously.
Miglena wrote on 2012-01-30

Last time a bought a new bra was a little bit more than a year ago :( so I really need a new one. And I also need a good reason to go shopping for my selfe because with twins 3 years old you never know what you gonna do when you have a minute:) Thanks for the chance! Megi Hristova
Susan wrote on 2012-01-30

I was a B. Gained weight and was a C. Lost weight went back to a B. had a baby and was GGG while pregnant and nursing. Went back to an A/B - the saggy grandma version. Got pregnant and was a GGG. Now I am a super saggy flat pancake wrinkly A/B. Don't you feel badly for me???
shuand... wrote on 2012-01-30

The bra I use most often right now is a seven-year-old bra that I use with my breast pump. I cut holes in the nipples and put the breast-pump funnels through the cups so I don't have to hold the pump stuff in place. It's really useful and really sad at the same time. I really need some new bras... - Andee Shuster
Christina wrote on 2012-01-30

Before having my son, I used to buy cute new bras on a regular basis. Since then I can't remember when I last bought a bra, let alone a cute one! I would love to have a proper fitting and get a new bra or two.
Maria Theresa wrote on 2012-01-30

i bought my bra from country 6 years ago and it's about time for my to have a new one. maria
Julie wrote on 2012-01-30

Apparently I'm not so unique! My boobs have changed shape and size SO many times over the past 8 years (I was pregnant for the first time in 2003). I need something that FITS!!
Yi wrote on 2012-01-30

Pretty cool contest that we are looking for !!
Amanda wrote on 2012-01-30

Hello. I have had my bra for too long that the color has faded. Very sad. I wear a 34DD so I can never find a cute bra, they are all solid colors which isnt attractive. I love bra's with lace, or cute patterns but thats seems impossible to find unless you pay an arm and a leg for one. I have three growing kids so most of my money goes to them. I rarely buy anything for myself. I would love a new bra! Help a mama of 3 please :)
adrien... wrote on 2012-01-30

After 2 back to back pregnancies, my bras don't fit anymore and I feel so dumpy wearing my nursing bras or sports bra all the time. I would LOVE something sexy to show off to my husband...ESPECIALLY for Valentine's day...and my birthday is is the week after so even a second new bra would be great :-D
Janet wrote on 2012-01-30

I would love to get some new bras! I had been wearing nursing bras since 2006! However, within the last year I bought several bra sets from CHANGE! Even though I am dressed in jogging pants, I feel like a star whenever I put on my pretty bras!!!!
Doaa wrote on 2012-01-30

Am I the only one who's boobs got smaller after nursing two kids???
Kethia wrote on 2012-01-30

The only underwear I bought in the last two years was cheap underpants and cheap nursing bras. After having two kids, there is no need to tell you I'm not an A cup anymore... I could use a few new bras!!!
Cindy wrote on 2012-01-30

When it's time to buy a new bra all I'm worried about it getting one that fits properly! For some reason none of them fit just right and when you've finally found the one that fits, well you're so happy you don't really care what it looks like and you're so exhausted from going in and out of the change room because of course your only allowed a few at a time, you just buy it!!! My bras are all the same - BORING!! And I'm not even sure they do fit properly. Also, like everyone, getting healthy in the new year means shedding a few pounds, so the boring bras I do have are all getting a bit loose. Help!!! Cindy
carolyn wrote on 2012-01-30

Don't even get me started! Since having 3 kids, everything has changed except my lingerie! I could use this little "pick me up"!
Samantha wrote on 2012-01-30

Did someone say a new bra? I have a few good reasons why I need to bury my bra, first of all, it is so worn that the metal from the underwire digs into my chest and when i take it off it Leave mark that stays for at least 24 hours. Secondly, Ever since having children I can no longer spend money on myself. I need no excuse to shopping for kids, but when it comes to me, I draw the line. Third and probably the most husband. The poor man has to tolerated ugly I'll fitting bras for a few years now and never said a thing. He deserves this as much as I do!
Hisako wrote on 2012-01-24

OMG, could this contest not come at a better time? With Valentines Day around the corner and my "girls" never fully recovered after 3 years of breastfeeding... need I say more? I'm ready to bury my bra and get my sexy back! Yeah!

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