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Sozo - Stop or I'll Squirt! Weeblocks. Enter to WIN some protection with SOZO!

This contest is now Closed

Is your little guy taking direct aim with his "bits" and showering you with enthusiasm?
Dogree Fashions is giving away SIX SOZO Weeblocks! 

Get protected with SOZO! ENTER NOW for the chance to WIN!


Keep yourself clean and dry from baby messes (and, therefore, happy!) with the King of Sozo's accessory line...Weeblocks!
Resembling a tiny athletic cup, the sponge-like covering covers a baby boy's ummm...the offending parts...and soaks up any spontaneous outbursts that can shower you with enthusiasm during diaper changes.
The 'wee-wee' sponge, when strategically placed, protects parents when "Lil Squirt" or "Captain Blast Off" takes direct aim. Bright color combinations with embroidered icons give this utilitarian product a healthy dose of fun. "Stop or I'll Squirt", "Whizz Kid" and "Lil Ladies Man" add levity to the mundane (and sometimes challenging) task of a diaper change.
Most importantly, the Weeblock is machine-washable.

ENTER NOW for the chance to WIN by following these easy steps:

1. Tell us why YOU need Weeblock "protection" in the comment box below

2. Support SOZO by liking them on Facebook! 


Need to know where to buy SOZO products? Exclusively Distributed by Do-Gree Fashions Ltd.

(We won't share your email address but we do need it to contact you in case you win!)


etam88... wrote on 2012-03-14

First time mom and I know we're having a boy. Heard lots of stories about getting peed on. This will definitely come in handy!
sally wrote on 2012-03-05

friend of mine has 4 boy and is having another baby boy!!!! she could really use thing as all 4 boy have had that lil squirt on her a few times each i think she cand real use this for the 5th baby boy !!
Janet wrote on 2012-02-01

As a Mom of two boys, this is a MUST!!!! I have a friend who is going to be having a boy within the next few months! I hope I win so I can give this for her!!!
sandyk... wrote on 2012-01-30

Going to be a Grandmother this week! already know I'm going to get peed on!
caroli... wrote on 2012-01-25

OMG! I did not know this existed!!! I am a newborn photographer and I get peed on...a lot...this would be AWESOME!!!!
cindy wrote on 2012-01-25

Can I win one of these for my husband!?? :)
nancy wrote on 2012-01-25

j espere que je vais gagnée!!
Krista wrote on 2012-01-24

Having a baby boy in March!!!!
Jennifer wrote on 2012-01-24

I did not know if we were having a boy or girl, I told my husband, that I did not want a boy because they pee everywhere!!! My husband told me it was just a myth! My baby boy is just 5 weeks old and no joke..two days ago at 4am, my husband was changing Jack on our bed, he had the diaper all ready, and he was covered up.....but he let loose. It got me right in the face, hair and even in my mouth! At 4am, I was not a happy mommy, but i also could not resist laughing at myself!!! If anyone needs the SOZO, its ME!

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