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Congratulations to our Textuality Winner!
Teresa Amoruso from Laval!

Teresa & her BFF are going to enjoy a fab $2000+ package!
many thanks to our sponsors....
TEXTUALITY, Mindy Shear, JoshuaDAVID, Pazit Perez Photographs, Swiss-Master Chocolatier, Mandys Express Salad & Joey's Limousine

We know every epic girls night out starts with one thing.  A reason.

(The better ones start with Smith from SATC)

BUT - The best  ones involve great deals.
So here's one from your friends at TEXTUALITY
Purchase a TEXTUALITY movie ticket online and get gift certificates towards
salon, spa, makeup, fitness partners & tasty treats in Monteal.
A value of $90!

PLUS....when you buy a ticket online you can enter our contest for a chance to WIN a $2000+ package.


The Contest:
One lucky winner & her BFF (that means guest) will receive an epic night out and a sexy $2000+ package in Montreal including a sexy 2000+ package of goodies:

  • 2 tickets to see TEXTUALITY at the AMC Forum (value: $13.50)
  • Mindy Shear - each women will receive a Make-up Application and a Face on the Go Kit  (value of $400 each)
  • JoshuaDAVID - each will receive a $250 dollar Gift Certificate at JoshuaDavid plus a one hour style coaching session ($700)
  • Pazit Perez Photographs - Photoshoot once all glamed up at Pazit Perez Photographs ($400)
  • Swiss-Master Chocolatier -  2 boxes of Chocolate Truffles (value of $43 each) these after the photo session
  • Mandys Express Salad - Lunch for 2 courtesy of ($20)
  • Joey’s Limousine  -1 voucher for a free evening of Limo service ($450)

To Enter....
  1. Buy a Textuality Ticket online.
  2. Watch the trailer.
  3. Tell us why you love Jason Lewis and which "loot" you want to win the most.
  4. Share with 5 friends (email, facebook, twitter and if you must snail mail).

Contest ends May 1st, 2011

Mindy Shear Makeup  - Face On the Go

This MakeUp Kit is perfect for women on the go!
This MINERAL MAKE UP all in one package consists of in neutral colors, long wearing, easy to use and apply with light weight textures.  Great for most skin tones.
Everything you need in one case with mirror;
1 mineral based powder foundation (velvety texture with good coverage for all skin types)
1 T.V Touch concealer - 6 mineral based eye shadows (neutral shades)
2 Blushes (neutral colours) - 1 bronzer - 1 lipstick (neutral and creamy)
1 lip pencil (berry brown) - 1 dark brown eye pencil - 1 black mascara.

JoshuaDAVID - Live. Love. Style.

Get set to fall in love with JoshuaDAVID where women’s casual chic clothing comes courtesy of designers such as Diane Von Furstenberg, BOSS Black, by Malene Birger, Alice + Olivia, Line Knitwear and many others. JoshuaDAVID’s lifestyle approach will have you surrounded in style and services like courtesy alterations, delivery and style consultations.  Unique services include wardrobe cataloguing, after hour appointments and styling workshops. Visit today, we are excited to serve you. Joshua & DAVID

Pazit Perez Photographs – Made to Measure Photography

Fine-Art Photography and Made-to-measure fashion forward Photography.

Mandys Express – Gourmet Salad’s & Sandwiches

A delicious and nourishing lunch from Mandys Express is coming your way. Choose from our one of a kind signature salads, Create Your Own salads, sandwiches or wraps …delivered right to you.  Lunch will never be the same.

Swiss-Master Chocolatier - Here is to love, chocolate, and the time to enjoy them

MYSTIQUE and MAGIC of Swiss truffles (and pralines):
Scientific studies have found chocolate to be irresistible to females sending them into emotional ecstasy. The luscious "fresh cream Swiss truffles" are the most prized of all chocolates. They are those tiny creations that have always had a mystique and magic about them with an ability to ignite joy and happiness, if but for a lingering moment, that very few other foods can compete with. For a "male courting a love" bringing an "I Love You" truffle can be a magical gift that is worth its weight in gold. Swiss-Master "fresh cream" truffles live up to this image, look beautiful, and burst in the mouth with exotic tastes.

Joey’s Limousine – Enjoy the ride

Joey's Limousine is a premier luxury transportation company headquartered in Montreal, Canada. For the past seventeen years, Joey’s Limousine has been committed to providing our clients with quality service that is second to none.

(We won't share your email address but we do need it to contact you in case you win!)


browne... wrote on 2011-04-28

Do I have to choose? I want everything! The clothes, makeup, limo ride, ... it all sound like fun! Now, if you added Jason Lewis to it... the it would be a home run! He's cute (ok, hot), and we all fell in love with him when he stuck by Samantha! Ester
Wendyk... wrote on 2011-04-27

I'd be very happy to watch Jason Lewis for a few hours. Mindy Shear
Amy wrote on 2011-04-26

Looks hilarious and definitely "real" with todays' ever changing way that we communicate. Jason Lewis and Eric Mcmorak hmmmm... they are both hotties!! If I won I would choose the Joshua David gift. Their store is a true gem in this city!
Paola wrote on 2011-04-25

his eyes, his pecs, his hair, his abs, his smile. Need I go on ?? As for loot Joshua David !!!
Wendy wrote on 2011-04-25

great eyes!!! Joshua David
Anne-Laure wrote on 2011-04-25

Jason Lewis is on my laminated list of guys I am allowed to leave with if he were to show up on my doorstep one day (HB has a similar list of girls...). All the loots seem yummy, but I would go for the Joshua DAVID coaching, just in case Jason or any other man from the list shows up at my door step, we never know;-)
Marnie wrote on 2011-04-25

He is very easy to look at. Why wouldn't you want to watch a movie that he's starring in. I would be happy with any of "loot" packages.
Cindy wrote on 2011-04-25

Jason Lewis is a a hottie!! ;P If I were chosen, I would like the Pazit Perez Photographs package the most..... nothing like Photographs to mark memories!!! Althought the entire evening sounds wonderful to a mother of 2 that barely gets the oppertunity to do her hair and make up let alone dress nice... :) Fingers crossed..... Thanks
Nancy wrote on 2011-04-25

No need to say he is eye candy ;) and I would love the Mindy Shear package as I neglect myself when it comes to renewing my make up :S. Please and thank you!!
Shirley wrote on 2011-04-25

My post got cut! I said there's just something about Jason that grabs your attention and keeps it - he is hot, hot hot!
Shirley wrote on 2011-04-25

There's just something I'd love the Mindy Shear loot, what woman doesn't love make-up?!
artemi... wrote on 2011-04-24

Ooops, forgot to mention that I'd really go for the JoshuaDavid 'loot'.
artemi... wrote on 2011-04-24

Jason is pure eye candy, a wonderful distraction from the monotony of daily life; can't forget his SATC character --- younger man interested in an older woman and stays by her side when she tackles the big C.
tam_ta... wrote on 2011-04-24

That movie looks fun! jason Lewis looks so different! I know a bunch of girls who would love a SATC night out! I never missed an episode of SATC ever! Living it would be a treat!
nancy wrote on 2011-04-23

Wow that was so delicious to the eyes!!!! Jason Lewis is steaming hot and very sophisticated in his grown up suit. I want to take him home!!! lol!!! What is there not to love about this amazing package?All of it sounds amazing! But my favourite is the photo session with Pazit Perez...And I get to hang out with my BFF without any interuption from the kiddies...Come on...Sounds too good to be true but would love it!!!!
Andrea wrote on 2011-04-23

AHHHHH, Jason, you know we ALL ell in LOVE with him in SATC for his, ahem, looks, and body! Then, when Samantha had the cancer storyline, we LOVED him, for him! As a mom of 3 kids under 8, I would love to win this with my BFF Jag Patel, and get glammed up, and the photo shoot would be my pick, as we need a great BFF pic with just the 2 of us, and not with 1 of our 5 kids combined jumping in the shot! lol Thanks!!!
Janet wrote on 2011-04-22

Jason Lewis- is chiseled! And I'd love an "on the go" face from Mindy Shear. but a chance to rock up to a chick flick with my BFF via limo - all fabulous-well that is the ideal fun night out.
marla_... wrote on 2011-04-22

Jason Lewis, soooo cute and it reminds me of all those great scenes with Samantha in SATC. I would love to win the photo pack. Would love to have a dressed up professional pic of me and my BFF.. how often does that get to happen?
t_amor... wrote on 2011-04-22

What's not too love about Jason Lewis? We loved him as Samantha Jones hot boyfriend and I'm pretty sure we'll love him in this movie also. He his gorgeous:) I would love the photo shoot once we're all made up!
... wrote on 2011-04-22

Jason Lewis; gotta love the chiseled looks. The Mindy Sheer makeup is definitely number one on my wish list.
Anuja wrote on 2011-04-22

He reminds me of fun times with my best friends watching SATC! I would love to win stuff from Joshua David.
glrspo... wrote on 2011-04-22

I have to admit, Jason Lewis is pretty good looking......and he is pretty cute...I like the pazit perez Photographs idea! How awesome is that? A photo shoot is so much fun and imagine all the cool stuff we could do with that? I would love taking professional pics! That is totally awesome!
laurence wrote on 2011-04-22

First of all, what is there not to like about Jason Lewis. Eye candy, ripped abs, hottie, cutie....seriously! I like all the loot, but somehow, going somewhere in a limo makes you feel like a HUGE VIP, and not having to drive or park, having the chauffeur open the door....and people trying to get a glimpse of who is in the limo, wondering if they are supposed to know who you are... it is kind
Laurel wrote on 2011-04-22

Jason is a tasty treat...for the eyes. All of the pampering would be wonderful, my fav would be the Pazit Perez Photography photoshoot...I never look good in pictures!
Stephanie wrote on 2011-04-21

Any reminder of SATC has to be a good thing, right? So would a night out with my BFF, a break from the craziness that is the day-to-day stuff of busy moms! And I`d love the Joshua David loot to update our looks:)
Jag wrote on 2011-04-21

Wow! Why do I like Jason? Because ever since Sex and the City, he has been the one guy that every girl should want. Not only is he a 10 in the looks department, but he is very sincere and down to earth. I love the scene in Sex and the City where he shaves his head when Samantha is shaving hers because of the chemo. Now that's a man!!! Who can honestly say that they know someone who has done this for them! I would love that chance to see this movie and enjoy a well deserved night with my BFF, Andrea Lima. We hard working moms and entrepreneurs need a little time away from our families and businesses to get back to why we love this man, Sex and the City, and of course texting. And we'll take the chocolates, they are the best! Thanks!
karen wrote on 2011-04-21

i love his chiseled face and dimples. i would do it all for chocolate!
annie.... wrote on 2011-04-21

Jason Lewis has to be the one of the most beautiful man ever! And I'd want the Pazit Perez Photographs
Patricia wrote on 2011-04-21

Jason Lewis - OMG he is Hotttt!!!! He is Sexy!!! He is the stuff dreams are made of!!!! The Loot I would like the most is the Mindy Shear make-up! I want to look hot & sexy!!!
Erin wrote on 2011-04-21

why i love Jason Lewis? One word he is HOT!!!!! i would love the mindy shear makeup.....who does not love getting glammed up!
Julie wrote on 2011-04-21

Jason Lewis in a suit is beautiful eye candy! I would love the Mindy Shear make up...can always use a refresher on 'putting on my face'!
lana wrote on 2011-04-21

great opportunity...what i love most is the eye communication he send us realy..i guess per the movie love has no boundries..and what i would love to win most is the photography session ..that for sure will only work perfect with the makeup session :-)
Julie wrote on 2011-04-21

I liked Jason's intense look and smile. He seems confident and I love that. The loot I would enjoy the most is the Pazit Perez Photographs. I find its fun to pamper ourselves and see how beautiful we can be. That is a confident boost!
Miri wrote on 2011-04-21

Jason Lewis rocks those dimples and that chin. He certainly wouldn't need style coaching. But I could sure use some...
elaine wrote on 2011-04-21

Jason is Obviously hot but he happens to have substance and soul which makes him even more appealing and beautiful as a human being! As for the loot, the limo ride because I would use it with my daughter that has ask me so many many time and wish so many many times to ride in one ans I had to explain to her that it wasn'T as easy as it look and a rather expensive extravagence and it would be the ULTIMATE to do that with her. Moments to never forget and always remember....
Holly wrote on 2011-04-21

Jason Lewis is beautiful!! I would love the shopping spree at JoshuaDavid.
Debbie wrote on 2011-04-21

Jason Lewis is not only HOT but in interviews he seems like such a sincere & funny guy & he is an adrenaline junkie - fun fun!! The whole package is AMAZING but my favorite is definitely the shopping spree as JoshuaDAVID - love that store & great staff!!
Debbie wrote on 2011-04-21

Jason Lewis is not only HOT but in interviews he seems like such a sincere & funny guy & he is an adrenaline junkie - fun fun!! The whole package is AMAZING but my favorite is definitely the shopping spree as JoshuaDAVID - love that store & great staff!!
sivan wrote on 2011-04-21

Jason Lewis is HOT and going in a Limo is also HOT. will be fun to have a girls night out with my BFF in style!
dayna_... wrote on 2011-04-21

He is sooo adorable! I love the Mindy Shear makeup.
Emily wrote on 2011-04-21

Jason Lewis is beautiful!! I've been needing an excuse to go shopping at JoshuaDavid.
Pamela wrote on 2011-04-21

He's so hot and such a cutie at the same time ;) For the loot, I wouldn't mind getting a new wardrobe but the best is the limo ride! Always wanted to ride in a limo, but never have had the chance.
Katina wrote on 2011-04-21

One word: the body! And the shopping spree at JoshuaDavid because a girl can never have too many clothes.
SIAN wrote on 2011-04-21

Jason Lewis - THE BODY! Loot - Mandy's express - sooooooooooo Yummy!
Cohn wrote on 2011-04-21

Oh, and to add: I'd love the shopping spree at JoshuaDavid. I need some new clothes...desperately!
Cohn wrote on 2011-04-21

Ummmm...six-pack, need I say more?
Josee wrote on 2011-04-21

Jason is soooooo handsome and I loved his character in Sex in the City! He seems like a perfect sweetheart, someone that you'd want your baby sister to date :) He looks amazing in anything he wears which is a huge perk !! I would love the JoshuaDavid style coaching session because as hard as I try, my style always yells out "conservative!!" and I want to spice it up in time for summer :))
Lewina wrote on 2011-04-21

What do I love about Jason Lewis? Definately his, strong, manyly chin with the cleft. As for the loot, I would love the Pazit Perez photo session - something I've always wanted to do for myself, but never have.
Claire wrote on 2011-04-21

For me Jason is the little boy in a man body, I love his look when he is overwhelm or surprised. Plus he has a body that any women would dream of plus he looks good in a suit but also casual. The perfect man! I would love Joshua David, I really need advise when it comes to style. The dream of my life.
Jennifer wrote on 2011-04-21

I love Jason Lewis because he is sooo cute and suave! Hard to choose, but if I have to I most want to win the make up application! I have always wanted to have it done but I can't bring myself to spend the $ on it...though I work 2 jobs all of my cash goes to my son, my dog and University costs. Every time I go shopping I leave the mall with tons of stuff for the 2 or them and nothing for myself! Every time I look for a class to sign up for I sign end up signing my son up for an activity instead! The life of a single parent I suppose...that reminds me, my tuition is due :/
Sheila wrote on 2011-04-21

Jason Lewis is great to watch because he's got such amazing charisma! I'd love to be able to spend the day with my BFF enjoying all the great prizes, but especially the shopping/ a busy mom of 4 and a teacher whose wardrobe was last seriously updated in 2002, I NEED it.
Nancy wrote on 2011-04-21

Jason Lewis is so suave. Would love to win the limo the most. Nothing like riding around Montreal in a stretch with your BFF
cindy wrote on 2011-04-20

I love Jason Lewis cause ... he so resembles my husband? I want to win all the loot... but I really love JoshuaDavid and need new clothes!
igar wrote on 2011-04-19

This is a great movie to watch with the girls

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