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Dynowear Giveaway

Giveaway CLOSED
Congrats to Tina Giammarella!
Her kids are going to be totally protected!

Get Geared Up for the Skating Season!

Holding your breath when your kids are learning to skate?
 Let the professional players take the body blows while your little skaters stay protected!



The prize winning package:

1. A protective undergarment suit

2. Cut resistant gloves
3. A package of 10 Freeskate sharpenings from Play-It-Again-Sports
(Decarie location.)



To Enter: Just tell us why your kids need Dynowear!
Ends October 6th.
(for more info on great products

(We won't share your email address but we do need it to contact you in case you win!)


Cara wrote on 2011-10-07

My son needs Dynowear because it's qualitity can not be matched and he will be warm and cozy when he zooms down the hill sliding with his dad!
Melissa wrote on 2011-10-07

My kids are on the kids racing team at Mt. Tremblant this winter. This is the extra warmth and protection they need!
Barbara wrote on 2011-10-02

i would love to win to make sure my little guy is protected while learning to speed skate!
lia wrote on 2011-10-01

My kid is going to ski school first winter and I can use this unique suit to protect him
Rilette wrote on 2011-10-01

My daughter, who is turning 6 in November is learning to skate for the 1st time. Today was her 3rd time on the ice and she enjoys it so much. She is definitely going to need dynowear to stay protected and warm. This will be our 1st winter in Canada..... :)
Corine wrote on 2011-09-30

My son is going to learn how to skate for the first time ever. I believe that both he, and I, need him to be as protected as possible!
alison wrote on 2011-09-30

My 5-year-old son has just started skating lessons. My usually cautious litle guy is has been trying to hard, getting up every time he falls and trying to skate without a bar even though he falls. I would love to encourage him with this outfit!
Christina wrote on 2011-09-30

My little guy is determined to skate all on his own and is refusing (in advance) to use the big bulky skating apparatus his grandma gave him last year. He did not like relying on it to push around the rink, while others were flying by him. Dynowear would be awesome for the protection he will need this winter.
jamie wrote on 2011-09-30

My son Theo is 4 years old and has started skating lesson. Once he let's go of the cone he will be falling quite a bit. Having some good protective gear will help brake his fall a bit. Had never heard of Dynowear and think it is great!
christine wrote on 2011-09-30

My kids need dino wear because right now because I just can not afford to buy it for them and and buy skates. They would love to have this.This is also known as top of the line in childrens protective gear. Thank you . Sincerely, Christine Busby
ptreng... wrote on 2011-09-30

my son just began skating and he's a little softie; so is his bum, elbows and knees. I want to keep him soft and cuddly through winter...
patricia wrote on 2011-09-30

My son will start this month skating lessons at the age of 6 ,he is late comparing to other kids because he is afraid of falling down (previous bad experience)so this wear will protect him and give more confidence.
svetlana wrote on 2011-09-30

My son is just started to skate it will give him moore padding.
karen wrote on 2011-09-30

My daughter is just learning how to skate and she is so nervous about falling. If she had some superhero padding, I am sure she would be more brave.
Helene wrote on 2011-09-30

So cool! never heard of this product before. My little boy is just learning how to skate and would love Dynowear (and not just because of the name) :)
Heather wrote on 2011-09-30

3 boys learning to skate. Dynowear would really reduce the tears and bruises. I have one pair already, but 1 is not enough to go around. Love Dynowear, it's padding, comfort and an extra layer of warmth all in one!
Mourad... wrote on 2011-09-30

It looks good to keep my daughter warm
Tina wrote on 2011-09-30

My 2 boys learned to run before they learned to walk. I can only image the same thing will happen with skating! Dynowear is exactly what my boys need for protection and for my peace of mind!!
mj wrote on 2011-09-30

He needs new hockey gear. This would be perfect!
Andrea wrote on 2011-09-30

I have 2 (very active boys) and a daughter, neither myself or hubby are great skaters, however my kids love to skate, this would ease my pain to know there is a better protection on them when we "help" them skate and play hockey!!
Josee wrote on 2011-09-30

When my little one is wearing Dynowear while racing around on the ice, I freak out less when he falls :) Dynowear is as much for my son's protection as it is for my piece of mind...
Shirley wrote on 2011-09-30

My 3 year old son is about to start skating lesson on Oct 1st and this would be great for protecting his little tush!
Nancy wrote on 2011-09-30

Not only am I more at ease with my son wearing Dynowear, but my son could not skate without it! He was petrified of falling, now my soon to be 9 yr old skates like he is in the NHL, well in his mind anyway. :o)
Stacy wrote on 2011-09-30

Two boys in hockey and attitudes that they are invincible...a little protection like Dynowear will bring mommy some piece of mind!
Julie wrote on 2011-09-30

There's nothing to protect my little guy like Dynowear - he is skating and falling lots as he pushes his limits.
deborah wrote on 2011-09-30

Protective suit-$70 Cut resistant gloves-$40 Blade sharpening-$50 Peace of mind in knowing that my little guy is well protected=Priceless!

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