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Mirror Reading Contest

Mirror Reading has closed their contest but not their books!
Contact them to find out more about your kids and Mirror Reading.

Let your kids discover the secrets and benefits of Mirror Reading. 

It's transformative.

  Mirror Read Banner

Mirror Reading reversed text activates your right-brain - play with backwords! Mirror Read Word Games engage your cortex in ways that regular reading can't. Mirror Read Books for children inspire unique interactive playtimes. These are not your ordinary side-by-side stories; they turn reading into a game.  It's all in the connections.


We’re excited to hear what you think about Mirror Reading! The first 7 people who write to Mirror Reading will receive their choice of softcopy book. Everyone else still wins and gets a FREE ebook of their choice.  Just send tell them what you think is fascinating about Mirror Reading and what book would you choose”!
*Responses will be posted on the Mirror Read Website.

Email Mirror Reading now!

Read more about Mirror Reading...

(We won't share your email address but we do need it to contact you in case you win!)


julie wrote on 2012-02-07

never heard of it as well! but my sister used to write secret messages that we had to read in the mirror and she also was writing backward! but i was never able to do that!
laurence wrote on 2011-11-26

I've never heard of it, though as kids we did stuff with a mirror and a picture of a face. Interesting concept I'd love to try myself.

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